She's Out of My League

I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in a long time. I’ve never seen “Molly” before, but a hard 10 indeed!! Reminded me of unknown Cameron Diaz blowing me away in The Mask.



Funny, I was going to do that too, but then noticed the post count. I was expecting it to be 1.

I don’t get it?? I know that is a running joke but why for this thread on a new movie which does not have a thread, in the Movie Forum??

If only we had someone around who could to explain it to Lloyd in Vietnamese.

I would say reported because the commercials make this movie look horrid.

For once, the trailers leave out most of the really funny parts because they are very “R” rated.

Depends if you like humor in the Porky’s, American Pie, and There’s Something About Mary vein. I do sometimes…

No, I don’t get it either, nor do I get what you’re talking about. He’s just starting a thread about a movie. That’s still cool, right?

Jeezus keerist on a cracker.

It was a JOKE, people, premised on the fact that Lloyd was raving about a movie that looks, at least in the trailers, to be pretty terrible. Therefore, the joke continues, he must be one of those new spammers Tom let in.

My god, even Kerzain got it. KERZAIN.

I get everything, I have no idea what jerri is talking about.

Well, everyone in the theatre was laughing pretty damn hard.

Hopefully someone else will see it and tell me I’m not crazy.

Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad is in this.

Maybe so. Based on your recommendation, I just watched the red-band trailer, and I have to admit it was more amusing than the TV ads.

I think we’ve already established that everybody in Florida is crazy.

I am back in this thread to eat some crow.

Today my partner needed me out of her hair, and with slim pickin’s at the movies, I saw this. It was better than it could have been. I laughed several times, mostly at Kirk’s friends. It avoided two cliches I was dreading: 1) the hot girl has a bet with her friends or is conducting an experiment and falls for the not-so-hot guy despite herself; or 2) she gives him a makeover at the end so that the world can see the inner hotness she knew he possessed all the time.

Not great cinema, but you could do worse.

Thanks, I feel better, and I’m glad I didn’t steer you too wrong…

I really have no plans to see this anytime soon (nothing against Jay Baruchel; I love Undeclared), but the way they’re marketing this north of the border really struck me. Whilst watching Hockey Night in Canada last night, I caught an advert for this, and CBC’s push was downright nationalistic: Go see this film 'cos Baruchel’s a Canuck,

Then, of course, come back to the CBC and visit their website to register for a chance to win tickets to the Stanley Cup finals.

From all the previews and the ridiculous amount of-line advertising I’ve seen, I thought this was just “American Pie part 27” with nothing original and using naked girls as main draw. So the fact Lloyd thought it was good was a 180* shock to see it was likable - seeing how you’d expect negative commentary as its first post.

I watched it yesterday. It was decent; had more laughs than I expected. The main romance stunk of movie artifice, but I liked Jay Baruchel’s friends and family a lot. The flick beats most stuff at Regal right now, at least.