Shift6 is the best qt3 P&R poster ever

For no apparent reason he sent me great wine.

Wine this good can only be paired with Gorditos!


Behold, the chicken loinfruit I’m sending in return.

Note to self: stop eating Gorditos and get to the goddamn gym, Mr. Jowls.

The label is accurate - it tastes sweet with a frosty edge. It’s no 100 point muscat, but it’s good.

A little P&R comity is never a bad thing. :)

Jason, what is that stuff on the plate on the left? I’m sure it is how you took the photo, but it looks like something I killed in Fallout 3. ;)

It’s probably what he labelled it as and linked to. ;)

Edit: also, this picture from that link is hilarious:

I TOLD you I haven’t had my coffee! LOL!

And as a huge fan of Mexican food (and Tex-Mex) that didn’t look like any Gordito I’ve seen!)

Jason you look like Sportacus.

Pshaw, he doesn’t even have a moustache.

Was that fucking crock pot!

The pot needs serious cleaning.

Gimme stuff!

Anyone sending me stuff, will have stuff sent in return! Fair deal?

Am I the only one wondering how shift6 had Jason M’s home address to send him stuff?

What, you don’t have Jason’s address? Are you some kind of pariah, Nick?

That wine looks delicious. I love a good Muscat. What’s the retail on that puppy, shift?

I’m envisioning some posh board room. A huge triangular mahogany table dominates the room, surrounded by high back chairs. On the wall hangs the massive gold seal of the QT3-groupthink. At the head of the table sits Jason, gavel in hand. He bangs the gavel and calls the meeting the order. He declares the first order of business is to ensure that nobody told Nick about the meeting. shift6 consults the minutes of the last meeting and reminds everyone of the resolution to never tell Nick anything. By general acclaim the motion is re-affirmed. Jason reminds everyone Nick is a big poopyhead and everyone has a good laugh.

Is that about how it went down? ;-)

I’m wondering if I would ever give mine out of a fellow P&R poster asked for it. You deserve the wine for bravery Jason!

Even better since it’s a “I want to send you something to eat which is totally not poisoned, honest.” request.

Though I guess a “I’m gonna send you a present. Make sure you hold it real close to your body when you open it.” request would work too.

No, I sent it for a good reason. In one of the recent threads you mentioned liking sweet wine but not finding many good ones below some extravagent price point. This is a good one that runs fairly inexpensive. Although I admit I would not have paired it with Mexican food, glad you liked it.

I asked.

It is pretty good and less bubbly than a muscat; it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of a Gewurtztraminer with all the German taken out. ;) Whenever I stop by my favorite wine bar (where they make this) no matter what else I try during the night, I always finish with a glass of this one.

I don’t remember the price tag per bottle though, maybe $20-25?

I love Gewurztraminer wines. I’d say Fetzer at $7.99 a bottle or so is my favorite wine.

You forgot my pope hat.

My ol’ reliable standbys are Chateau St. Michelle, a local WA Riesling at $8, and a $20 375ml Sauternes the grocery store always has that I can’t remember the name of. Lately I’ve been developing a thing for semi-sweet bubbly.