Shigsy throws a Wii gang sign

No shit. Saw this on Engadget:

He should eat more.

They should get the odd, white-coated German engineer from the WV “V-Dub” ads, as performed by the creepy chap from Fargo, and do “Wii-Dub”

[ot]OMG, the guy in those commercials is Peter Stormare? Mattias from Mercenaries and Satan from Constantine? It never even occured, I’m so dense. Yeah, he’s German creepy goodness in those commercials, and European badass satisfaction in other stuff, too.[/ot]

“What kind of nihilists are you?”

Also the Russian Mafia dude in Prison Break. One can never get enough Peter Stormare.


Now we have our solution to “gamer shame” - we just represent with the Wii sign and we’re good to go.

Ambrosia is expensive, man.

Um, with a name like “Abruzzi” I don’t think he’s meant to be “Russian” Mafia. :)

Perhaps I’m projecting too much Fargo into my Prison Break. “So, eh, dat’s yer friend over dere in the woodchipper eh?”

Yeah, it was almost astonishing to see Abruzzi in the VW ads, and even more so to see him in an ad for recent Prison Break eps (I have TiVoed from the March return on, and haven’t watched any of it).


It’s the new gamer way to throw the horns.

He’s so cool that his shirt wears him.