Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online

Doesn’t look all that great from this article, but you never know. Has anyone signed up for the English-language beta?

John Davison was saying this looked good based on a presentation he got, but he admitted he hadn’t played the game yet. I guess it’s pretty popular in Japan. I completely missed signing up for the beta, so hopefully someone posts some impressions.

Edit: Apparently you can still sign up for the beta, even though it said signups ended December 1st.

Two points that make me run away (even though the original series is nice):
A. It’s a typical treadmill, run of the mill, asian MMO (that is to say, expect lots of boring grind, bland gameplay, very unfriendly pvp and bugs across the entire QA spectrum).
B. Its financing is based on RMT = boomstick.

I tried the Japanese version a year ago. It was pretty much a Korean grindfest with an odd lottery microtransactions system to gain better equipment and classic/memorable SMT-series costumes for the fans.

Game’s set in the transition period between Shin Megami Tensei & Shin Megami Tensei II (for those who’ve played the translated SFC versions, post-SMT Neutral Ending, but before Tokyo Millenium is set up). The aesthetics are nice, there are some nice remixed tracks that fans will recognise, but the game is strictly a grindfest.

You could probably derive a few hours of fun out of it so go for it if you’re a huge fan of the series or need to scratch the itch while P4 is en route.

I signed up, because I love a good grindin’. If I get accepted, I’ll let you know how it is.

… oh dear. Now I’m suddenly interested in this.

I’d been telling myself “Atlus isn’t publishing it, it can’t be that good” up until now…

Hell me too!

I’m an enormous frothing SMT fanboy, so I signed up for it.


The grind will surprise no one. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst out there, but you’ll probably spend some time hunting down pixies to murder in order to level yourself or your demon companion up.

On the demon note (which is probably one of the better draws the game has): Some things about them are implemented very well, other things not so much. The AI options and implementation seem a bit wonky (though you -can- manually order them around, which is good), and I’m not sure if I just don’t have an eagles eye view to understand the balance or if it’s wildly off. The selection could stand to be a good bit bigger, though series favorites are common, and there are ‘unseasoned’ and young, smaller versions of badass demons available so you aren’t stuck with pixies and kodamas all through the low levels. But, again, I would really love it if they expanded some of the demon selection.

There’s some sort of crafting thing, but I’m not sure exactly how it works beyond being able to refine junk you collect into raw material (which is a pretty nice way of dealing with trash drops, if it works the way I think it works.)

I just got an acceptance email for the beta. I’m downloading the client now, but I thought I’d give others a heads up to check their inboxes.

I just got accepted too. Installing now, I’ll give my impressions… later.

Installed! Here we go. Character customization is fairly detailed (somewhat moreso than WoW, even), which is a relief, because someone mentioned the word “Korean” in this thread, which had me expecting the inevitable choice between two males, two females, and some kind of animal. On the downside, there’s no way to make a hot lady character in this, because all females look like either ten-year-olds or unusually tall ten-year-olds. Similarly, if you’re playing a guy, I hope you don’t mind looking unbelievably effeminate.

There appear to be no classes in this game, or at least not that you pick at the beginning.

No markers on the minimap to guide you to quest locations, that’s pretty crappy. Also, I can’t seem to figure out a way to get it to run in full screen.

Combat is actually a little twitchy if I’m not doing it wrong. I’m still in the starting area but so far it’s pretty fun.

Stylistically, the game looks cool. I’ve never played any of the other SMT or Persona games, but I would imagine it’s in line with those; kind of similar to Dragon Quarter, also.

That’s it for now.

I think someone familiar with the designwork from the Nocturne/Digital Devil Saga games wouldn’t be too bothered by the designs. Pretty typical Kazuma Kanako style.

I got in last night and wanted to chime in and say extarbags’s observations about gameplay are pretty dead-on. This isn’t a bad game but seems inexplicably primitive as MMOs go. I am not, for instance, sure yet that running is even possible. There are macros, but they’re set up oddly.

There does seem to be an elaborate alignment system set-up, and it looks like it’s somehow influenced by the game’s demon families. Here’s hoping your alignment actually matters, or perhaps is determined by what you actually use.

This game does have a seriously cool soundtrack, though, easily on par with the recent console games. What I’ve heard thus far uses a lot of remixes from SMT1, but in the hard rock style Nocturne favored.

Do you mean nonplussed?

I just edited in “bothered”, because it’s too early for me to want to go research proper word uses.

So, out of curiosity, what demons are folks using? I’m inordinately fond of Jack Frost, so the lil’ Unseasoned version I picked up gets a lot of play, but I’ve found Hua Po surprisingly useful.

I don’t think I’ve ever played an SMT title where Hua Po didn’t end up being really good for awhile.

Jack Frost’s quality is variable from game-to-game but he’s also usually a heavy-hitter relative to the levels where you get him.

I’m still mucking with demons, but all I know at this point is that I want to see how far I can get playing with nothing but Neutrals.

I got an email this morning indicating that the beta for this game is now open.

It’s Open Beta Time!

Come in and play Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online! Enjoy hard-knuckle demon busting in the post nuclear streets of Tokyo 202X AD. Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends.

You better hurry because to kick it off, we’re giving away 500 AP to the first 50 players to hit level 30!

We’re giving away 2000 AP to 3 random players who reach level 10. See contest rules and details here:
First time playing MegaTen?
All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1
Log into with your Aeria account.

Step 2
Download the game (for free).

Step 3
Install and Play!

I do like some Shin Megami Tensei. Who else is going to try

I started in the closed beta without an invite because one of the download sites just handed the key away with the d/l :)

Anyhow, it looked kind of dull and grindy right off the bat in the tutorial, but not too bad, and while the art is derivative imitation of the SMT core games, it’s at least reasonably close.

However I got my first quest (tame high pixie, I think), and couldn’t find the target mob with a reasonable amount of searching (only found regular pixies), and just wasn’t really motivated to continue because the mechanics didn’t seem very engaging. However, more positive reports from here might convince me to try again.

I’m tempted, mostly because I really like SMT, but I can’t think of a good reason to play an Asian grindathon when I’ve got a current subscription to WAR and Tabula Rasa’s around and free until sometime next month.