Shin Megami Tensei IV

I wiped on the second encounter! Yay! Now this is how RPGs are supposed to work…

Did you get your $30?

My copy of SMT4 is still in the mail, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

There’s been an image making the rounds showing numerous quotes from nubs (including some “professional” “critics”) going into it expecting something like Persona 3 or 4 and being disappointed that it’s a hardcore dungeon-crawler instead of a high school simulator. Rather depressing stuff.

Hey, Persona 5 might be better yet, but I really liked SMT III despite the old-school elements that should have made it a tedious grind. They managed to combine those traditional elements in a way that was close to perfect. We’ll see how they manage it in IV; I suspect it will seem a little bit of a retread, but then those can be fun too.

I made it to the 2nd mini-boss before dying but had a number of close calls while building my first full party.

If you are expecting your copy from Amazon, it is probably going to be smashed. The collector’s edition boxes were shipped in bubble mailers that didn’t provide adequate protection.

I have a replacement on the way, via cross shipping, and suggest anyone else who gets a damaged copy to do the same.

My copy from Amazon was fine, fwiw.

My brother made me promise to eschew Chaos this time so he could do it, so I might be stuck wih Law. Yuck. It’ll take days to wash the taste of Angelic sycophant out of my mouth. I’d love to go for the sure-to-be-in-there-somewhere Freedom path, but if it’s anywhere near to as time consuming as Nocturne’s, I doubt I’ll be able to do it.

Good luck all, and remember: (Demi) fiends don’t let fiends choose Neutral!

Same. It’ll be a long time before I get around to playing it, I suspect, since I have a couple other portable SMT games to tackle first, but it’s in excellent condition.

I don’t have a 3DS. :sadface: It won’t ever get ported to anything else, 'cos dual screens.

Nope, 'cos money. They skipped the entire generation.

The only thing might make for a ‘real’ console is Persona 5.

My copy from newegg came slightly dented, just the top of the box but everything inside was perfect.

More specifically, it’s because there’s significantly more money in handheld games in Japan than in console games.

My copy of SMT4 should be here tomorrow.

I’m usually not real big on 3d, but it adds a lot to this game with the Minority Report/Dead Space style overlays.

I wiped on the 4th encounter, then wiped two more times and got the game over screen. Time to crack open that strategy guide.

Save Scumming Megami Tensei is basically what the game was for the first hour for me. Nocturne wasn’t as bad as that was. Once I got 3 demons recruited and leveled up a bit, the addiction started to sink its claws into me. Quit after completing final training for the night.

Got mine, intact, from Amazon. And yeah, wipe, wipe, wipe. Going to restart entirely I think, now that I have a better handle on the movement in the dungeons (which was awkward at first; I kept hitting the d-pad instead of the little analog stick). This game doesn’t take any prisoners, that’s for sure. The voice acting is, um, so-so, and the art, while well-executed and often quite attractive, is a bit different in style from other SMT games it feels to me. I’m cool with not having the whole high-school sim set up, at least, even if as you might expect the overall setting/story is just as goofy as any other SMT game. I’m looking forward to diving in to it in earnest.

I like the SMT stuff in general, though nothing has recaptured the exact vibe of Nocturne on the PS2 yet. But these games are the main reason (that, and now Fire Emblem Awakening) that I have a 3DS and a PSP.

I got stalled out on Soul Hackers a little ways in (Art Museum), but I’m not sure if that was a me problem, or had to do with the accumulation of all the niggling little interface and usability issues that existed because it’s a port of an older game.

I think I want to buy this…but I’m not completely convinced. Most reviews seem to assume you’re totally new to the series. Any thoughts for SMT veterans to convince me one way or the other? Anything special, or just more of what you already expect?

It’s better than Soul Hackers I think. For one, it’s thoroughly modern in the UI and overall user experience. For another, it simply looks better. Finally, though I’m just starting, the dungeon crawling, because it’s 3D and more organic looking than the grid based step wise places in some of the other titles in the series, is more engaging.

You guys suck. I just finished the game and didn’t wipe once and then I woke up. Actually ordering this bad boy today :)

What’s with the $49 price tag, though? They should have thrown that other stuff in for free (Strange Journey had the free Soundtrack CD and I think Persona 4 did as well) or at least have a vanilla version available as well. Kind of takes away a little from the $30 Nintendo is offering.

I got stalled in Soul Hackers in the same area, but it was my own fault; I managed to run out of Magnetite in an area I was probably underleveled for anyway. I’ll get back to it sometime.

(I should also get back to Nocturne. Too bad that game doesn’t have a handheld port…)