Shin Megami Tensei

Holly crap. When’d these games get so damn expensive? Are they ever gonna print more?

They rarely drop below the initial MSRP

Protip: Buy the game on ebay, manual missing, on the cheap, then get a replacement for $5 from Atlus. Email them first to make sure they still have the one your interested in.

Worked for me with SMT:N!

They’re really rare around my area. I know the eb near me has SMT Digital Devil Saga 2, but no Nocturne or DDS 1. I remember running to the mall near me the second I heard they had nocturne and DDS 1 used. DDS2 is I think $30 now, but the others are still 40+ new.

Luckily I made sure to get the originals for Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, and Devil Summoner. And soon Persona 3.

I like this series so much, its dark themes are just so refreshing for some reason.

Atlus USA is a small publisher releasing a lot of niche Japanese games, so if you don’t pre-order your copy certain titles can be very difficult to score.

I just check EB online , and they’re taking preorders for Persona 3 , which comes with soundtrack and art booklet.

They’re out of print because they SUCK. LOL