Shine Get!

I’m up to 15 Shines in Super Mario Sunshine. Anyone else playing? I love the game. Combined with Maximo, it’s the one-two punch of superb platforming from the old skool mixed with the superb graphics and 3D of today’s systems. The water is absolutely incredible. It’s not computer generated water…it IS water. I dare anyone to list a game that has done water as well as this and Wave Race: Blue Storm. Not only is it incredible looking, it’s integral to the gameplay. So far, I think any comment that calls it “gimmicky” is just ludicrous. The water is the primary thing you use to play!

Frankly, I think the IGN and Gamespot reviews are off the mark. The game is far better than they let on. My kids love the game. My son is running to the screen and pointing things out he sees in the distance or way up high and yelling…“Dad! How do we get that?!” The story is fine. It’s a story that’s perfect for children. Why this has come up as some travesty of game design is beyond me. If you’re coming to Super Mario Sunshine looking for a story, you’re just not interested in playing this game. The level design is awesome with the different goals all exposing different parts of the areas you’re trying to complete. One review noted that the game is linear and I can’t even understand that criticism… you can play ANY level at ANY time to retrieve the next Shine goal there. If you want to, you can eschew those goals and do stuff around the town, or replay earlier levels… you’re certainly not locked into some path.

Anyway, I think the game is superb. I’ve had no camera problems (use the L button to center the camera behind Mario) and I can’t wait to play more. This is classic platform gaming at its best.


You forgot to say, “All hail Nintendo!!! Xbox SUXORS!”


Platform games are for GIRLS.


Are not!

  • puts lipstick down *

I just can’t help it, I love arcadey stuff like Mario Sunshine and Super Monkeyball 2. And I’m looking forward to a game with an anthropomorphic fox and a cartoon elf.

Maybe I’m regressing because of my kids, I dunno.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to run around a rainbow glowing board as cartoon Bomberman and look for tasty powerups. I lost my edge in Sonic to my 9 year old, and I can’t afford to lose face with my multiplayer explosive skillz.

All hail Nintendo!!! Xbox SUXORS! :wink:


Well, if platform games are for girls, then why can’t I get my wife to play Super Mario 64?

I had an idea, which is patently offensive, that perhaps I could help Nintendo create a platformer EXTRA-SPECIALLY for girls called “Super Mario Kitchen.”

The goal of this game would probably be as follows:

Playing as princess Peach, your goal is to

  1. Convince Mario that it’s time to have a baby.
  2. Break the curse that keeps your special princess slippers glued to your feet
  3. Find the long lost “Mario Kitchen” where you can end up happy, barefoot, and pregnant.

Please don’t flame me. This is the 2nd most offensive idea I’ve ever had, and it’s not really my fault. I blame society.


I am finding it to be a brilliant game. It’s a fine example of what got me into gaming in the first place…pure fun.

I have reached a couple areas where I want to huck the controller, after mario falls from something for the 10th time. This probably has more to do with my skills than the game, but I keep coming back for more.

Well, I don’t think IGN and Gamespot are exactly targeting the “parents who want to play games with their children” audience.

She probably just doesn’t like games. My girlfriend likes games-- apart from the usual “girl games”, we play the “guy games” too: SOF2 demo, RTCW multi and Battlefield 1942 demo. She normally won’t play with people we don’t know, though she did spend some time on public RTCW servers.

There needs to be some type of cute element if she’s not going to be able to play a fast game with people she knows. She likes Startopia and Dungeon Keeper, but doesn’t like Civ III. We’re both looking forward to Animal Crossing for Gamecube.

“Games for girls” is something more like “Games that girls who like games will more likely like”, I like to think.

I dunno. I’m getting the distinct feeling that there’s a very large segment of the gaming population that has outgrown the hobby and just doesn’t realize it yet. I’m enjoying this game on my own and if I had no children, it still would have been my purchase for the month. That my kids love it too just makes it that much better.


I finally broke down and bought a GameCube on Tuesday just so I could play Mario with my daughter–and we’re both, in general, loving it. However, there are times when the camera drives me FREAKING BONKERS, almost to the point where I have to put down the controller and take deep breaths. A couple times my daughter has given me those concerned, 8-year-old, my-dad-is-going-insane looks. It really seems like they could have done something different here so that you wouldn’t have to spend so much time manually wheeling the camera around and around to figure out where the fuck you are. grrr

Also: both Scooter and the guy at EBX convinced me to buy one of them wireless Wavebird controllers, and oooh baby is that thing great. Highly recommended, especially to anyone with kids and/or cats who mess with controller cords…

I’m liking the sound of Matthew Gallant’s girlfriend. Tell me, does she say anything disparaging when you watch boxing on TV? Does SHE watch boxing on TV?

No, wait, I love my wife. Nevermind.

PS Jeff Green is a true man. The wavebird controller is an obvious indicator of this. I suggest hiding the wavebird in a special place – preferably a secret cubbyhole in a mahogany panelled den – to keep the grubby hands of others away. No cord will ever wrench your bottle of slightly chilled Guinness off the coffee table.

“Please don’t flame me. This is the 2nd most offensive idea I’ve ever had, and it’s not really my fault. I blame society.”

Just to take the stigma off of you, here’s a more offensive one…

SUPER RAPE BROTHERS, where all of the Mario characters attempt to rape each other in various colorful arenas. On the go? You can upload your favorite rapist to your Gameboy Advance and compete against other kids on the bus to school. After you’ve been raped five times, your character goes insane and you have to start over with a novice rapist. Characters can grow tentacles after a certain number of rapes, allowing them to rape up to ten other Nintendo characters at once. There are of course hidden costumes, secret levels, etc.

Hey, it would sell in Japan.

Only if all the characters were wearing school-girl uniforms.

  • Balut

I’ve pretty much completed the game, and I find the camera to be an absolute irritant. I consider manual camera controls to be the console equivalent of micromanaging/babysitting units in an RTS: PURE GRIND.

I also discovered a lot of collision/surface glitches scattered throughout the game, and a few of the level objectives are stupid. Kicking fruit and racing suck and are shoddily implemented.

The rest of the game is ace, but I think an 8/10 is wholly appropriate.

The previous comment was from me.

“The rest of the game is ace, but I think an 8/10 is wholly appropriate.”

Seeing the blasphemous statement the high priest Miyamoto sends his acolyte Dave Long to smite the evil heretic…

A couple times my daughter has given me those concerned, 8-year-old, my-dad-is-going-insane looks.

You’ll get used to it…I still give my dad concerned, 30-something, my-dad-is-going-insane looks. Thankfully Dad only wants to watch the History Channel, and not play Nintendo games. I can’t stand Mario, or anything of that “gigantocephalic kyoot character jumps jumpS juMPS JUMPS and gets the powerup, BLING!” ilk. :evil:

I’d give it an 7 out of 10. The water effects are simply superb, but I don’t see how anyone can defend the FLUDD as some sort of revolution in gameplay. Adding three seperate devices hardly compares to the dozens that Ape Escape brough to 3D platforming games. It’s not particular new or different; Rayman 2, Jak & Daxter, Maximo and a host of others have all tread this path recently. It boils down to just more collecting stuff and candy-colored jumping puzzles. Nothing new, just very polished old stuff.

The camera is certainly not broken, but it is by no means perfect. Why, exactly, does Mario go silhouetted while things around him become question marks? I was on a long climb up a cliff when the camera swung into the cliff while doing both a vignette and a silhoutte (what for?) but the attacking creatures and the coins around me both became questions marks. Mario can see what’s what, why can’t the player? I ended up guessing wrong, got attacked, fell into the pollutted bay, died and had to start over. Not a huge loss, but annoying.

There are occaisional collision and clipping problems as well, but you can find those in most any game if you look hard enough. Not the brilliant platformer Nintendo fanboys claim it is, but certainly woth the price of admission if you have a Gamecube.

The problem is, is it better than Super Monkey Ball 2? From what I hear, it isn’t. I only have time for one new console game right now, and it’s looking like SMB2 will be it.