Sometimes the thing we need the most [url=]is just around the corner…

Awesome :)

That is simply brilliant.

A+++++ Would laugh again.

I would watch this movie.


Ah, something fresh from the internet! That was like a cool breeze.


My god, that really was ingenious.


Best movie trailer ever.

I would watch that movie.

My god, this is ingenius.

Ahhhh! It’s down. Anyone have a mirror?

Coral cache to the rescue!

Wow, too perfect. I especially love the music.

Yeah, but now I realize just how big a cliche Salisbury Hill has become. I’ll never hear that in a movie again without thinking of The Shining.


The part where he says in voice over, “I’m your new foster father.” What movie is that from?

About Schmidt.

The guy who created that trailer works at a NYC post house and put it together in his spare time. Apparently he had no idea that it was so popular, even when it crashed his company server, which the day before was handling 13K daily hits with no problem.

It certainly seems to have exploded today, and a lot of people in LA are talking about it – I was at Nicolas Cage’s production company this morning and everyone there was watching it.

It seems to be increasingly this kind of viral stuff that is getting unknowns noticed by the 'wood. Didn’t South Park basically start the same way, with the Santa vs Jesus thing?

Absolutely inspired. This should be a project in every film editing class on Earth.

It doesn’t surprise me that people in LA are talking about it. There’s more creativity in this freaking trailer than there are in most Hollywood films.