Shiren 3 Wii (import) is pretty swell!

Hey Gang,
As many of you know I’m a huge Mystery Dungeon Fanatic. Shiren 3 came out in Japan on June 5th, and being concerned it may never get ported over here I had to call to snag me a copy day one.

I can play this import game on my US Wii via Free Loader (works 100%, even the Wi-Fi stuff) but, as many know, the latest Firmware Update (v3.3) disables this little homebrew loophole. So as it stands I can’t get any new Wii game released after June for fear I’ll be updated against my will.

Since I have no idea where to begin I think I’ll just open the floor to questions and warn you that although I’m over half way through and understand the game mechanics, beasties, and items pretty decently I have NO CLUE what is going on plot wise as I can’t read Japanese. While there, thankfully, aren’t many puzzley aspects to the game, there were a few “get this item from one guy and then give it to this guy in the other village” which I just used the auto-translated FAQ to walk me through (I’m not sure what this item is or why I’m bringing it to this guy, but I know if I do so it will open up the next dungeon).