SHOCKER: The 'Bliv is No. 1

Oblivion sells 1.7m copies in three weeks. Morrowind back in top 25.

Great news, great game, and I hope it helps keep interest in single player CRPGs.

Good gravy only ten more years of PC gaming until we can break the 2.8mil of FF12 and 1.6 in four days.

/me pokes the beehive.

Even though I’m in the camp that believes Oblivion is merely a very good game, and not the second coming of Babe Ruth, this is still great news. Hopefully it will reinvigorate the CRPG market.

I heard that Oblivion bought Microsoft.

Is that true?

It says 1.7 million shipped and not sold, though I guess it probably sold at least 1 million.

Oh and from the article, it doesn’t say Morrowind is back on the Top 25 list but that its still in the Top 25 best selling PC games ever based on NPD data.

I didn’t really find the game all that great , but am glad that it is selling well because I can see potential in the game with all the modders who are working on it.

Of course, that raises the question, which one will be on top for the month of March, Kingdom Hearts 2 or Oblivion? :P

Its nice to hear, as I had thought the initial shipments would be quite a bit less than that, hopefully Neverwinter Nights 2 has some similar success, both so Obsidian can flourish and PC publishers realize people will buy singleplayer RPGs en masse, if you put a lot of effort into them. And hey, no constantly updating and patching, like MMOs, that’s gotta be enticing for the pubs.


Pubs? Yeah, any excuse to drink.

Anything that makes the case for more RPGs (PC or console) that aren’t necessairly MMOs is good news!

Yay Oblivion!