Shocking conflict of interest: VP debate moderator releasing pro-Palin book

Okay, maybe you guys are starting to convince me. I’m totally on your side with this one. It’s insanity that a debate moderator would have a vested interest in the election outcome. Kinda like when that PC Gamer review gave that shitty game a great review cause he did the strategy guide. Maybe people like Desslock are okay with this kind of stuff but I’m certainly not.

The moderator of Thursday’s vice presidential debate between Democrat Sen. Joe Biden and GOP Gov. Sarah Palin is writing a book, to come out about the time the next president takes the oath of office, to “shed new light” on Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and other “emerging female politicians” who are “forging a bold new path to political power.”

Gwen Ifill, of the Public Broadcasting Service program called “Washington Week,” is promoting “The Breakthrough,” in which she argues the “female political structure” of the feminist movement is giving way to men and women who have benefited from those struggles over equality.

Ifill declined to return a telephone message asking for a comment about her book project, and whether its success would be expected should Palin lose. But she has faced criticism previously for not treating candidates of both major parties the same.

In the promotion for her book, Ifill is described as “drawing on interviews with power brokers like Gov. Palin, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’ Connor…” and others.

In an online video promoting her book, she is enthusiastic about “taking the story of Sarah Palin and extending it.”

It focuses on four people, “one of them Sarah Palin of course,” she said.

“They are changing our politics and changing our nation,” she said.

Go Biden!

It is very, very unlikely that Gwen Ifill is a Palin supporter. Is it a conflict of interest? Perhaps.

Ifill has always appeared fair whenever I’ve heard her speak. I thought she was the best moderator at the previous VP debate too. She’ll do just fine.

Perhaps? You guys should be outraged. Is it because it’s a female or something, I don’t understand. If this was like Sean Hannity and he was writing a pro-McCain book but was chosen to moderate the debate you guys would be outraged. I don’t understand. “Perhaps” ?

Perhaps we should let Steven Spielberg alone choose the Oscar for Best Picture when his picture if up for nomination. Or Ken Levine choose the Game of the Year award and have Bioshock as one of the nominees. “Perhaps”. Crazy talk!


Okay whether or not she has appeared fair is beside the point. She is releasing a pro-Palin book on the day the next President takes the oath into office. She will make more money if Palin gets elected. Yet she is put in the position of moderating a debate where she can help steer the outcome?

You guys are blowing me away. I thought you guys would be totally outraged about this. I mean Fox News is totally biased and you guys slam it all the time and here’s this revealing more bias and you guys just blow it off. Am I on P&R?

I’m sitting here telling you that this has basically made me switch sides and all I get is a “Perhaps” ?

Freaking out here!


You’re such an idiot. Is there a famous black person out there you don’t have a maniacal conspiracy theory for? Go kill yourself, and take your pals with you.

I think a few weeks ago was really the ideal time to release a pro-Palin book. Maybe it wasn’t ready yet.

And a link would be nice.

Ifill gets the benefit of the doubt because she doesn’t have a rep as being a partisan hack like Hannity. Yes, technically I think it’s a conflict of interest but it doesn’t bug me hugely.

Wow, I can’t understand this reaction! This is my conversion thread and it’s something that you guys post all the time.

Hugin, okay so if it was Sean Hannity you’d be mad but not someone with a financial stake in the election? What if Sean Hannity wasn’t writing a book but was just a “partisan hack” ? Still mad? But a “non-partisan hack” with a financial stake in the election is okay?

I guess that PC Gamer guy got a shitload of heat for NOTHING! Too bad you guys weren’t around then cause you guys might have saved his career. Cause apparently you guys think that someone can be totally objective when their financial future is on the line. Unlike the PC Gamer guy!



I didn’t get the feeling it’s a pro-Palin book as much as it’s a pro-women book. But, hey, welcome to the winning side.

Anyone else think this is some crazy angle to get people to protest the debate and get it cancelled?

bigdruid, but aren’t you annoyed that she would be allowed to moderate a debate with a financial stake in it?

BTW the book is called “Breakthrough: Politics and Gender in the Age of Palin”

so I’d say it has a lot to do with Palin.

The moderators chosen and agreed upon months ago, any issues with the moderator should have been hashed out then. If there any argument to make here, I’d say it could make her tougher on Palin as she’ll work extra hard to appear unbiased. She was plenty tough on Edwards.

What, you think he’s sincere? You can’t see the sneer in basically everything he says, ever? He posts here to show his contempt for the board, and the people who post on it, and sporadically troll them. That’s pretty much the beginning and end of it.

Aha! I see what you did there.

You lied.

You tried to get us to be upset about this conflict of interest, when in reality, Ifill is writing a PRO-OBAMA book!

VP debate moderator Ifill releasing pro-Obama book

Well played, good sir!

Oh, darn, Nancy was trolling again? I’m shocked.

Come on guys, like Bob is going to post something he didn’t see on Drudge first? Hope you guys learned your lesson.

Nice troll, Bob.

p.s. who’s the PC Gamer Guy?

So using someones name in the title of your book makes that book an argument in their favor?
When you lied about the title, I didn’t immediatley assume that because Palin’s name was in the title that it was about how much Gwen Ifill wants Palin in the White House.

That’s a ridiculous conclusion to jump to no matter whose name is in the fucking title.
If the book were called “The King: Why I want to have Barack Obama’s Children” I might be a little suspicious.

Final thought: yeah maybe somebody else should moderate but then again who really gives a fuck? I’m sure she’ll be blinking secret Morse code answers to Obama throughout the debate. Deal with it.