Shockwave has come a long way: Awesome FPS

The graphics for this game are stunning. It’s hard to believe Shockwave is capable of something like this


Testing for Alpha build 248 is over. Next version should be ready in about a month. Thanks for playing!

Totally awesome.

That was sweet, black screen with some text. What I’ve always wanted.

here’s a link that works

Ok, I take it back. That actually is totally awesome.

Flash isn’t capable of that. This is Shockwave. ;)

Still, definitely impressive. The best 3d game I’ve seen in shockwave, looks pretty damn similar to Quake 3 actually.

Quite shockingly good for a tech demo.

The default weapon looks a lot like the rifle from Elite Force.


That’s precisely what I was thinking. Still pretty cool demo though.

Broken again :/.