Shogun 2 multiplayer vs Dark Spore

The winner is …

Dark Spore!!!
Talk about slick matchmaking…its quick, it gathers 4 people up fast, and then sends us directly into combat, no fuss…and its a beta.

Shogun 2…
Shameful display…It uses ages to matchmake anything, and when it finally does, we get 1v3 bugged matches, people missing armies, various other bugs.
Did I mention its slow…

The entire on-line community killed before a shot was fired, it isn’t the end for Shogun as the single player compensates, but maybe they should just have removed the multi player part until it actually works?

rant off

Note that I haven’t played either game, But I’ve heard that Dark spore is pretty mediocre while Shogun 2 is good.

So isn’t it a bit irrelevant how much better Dark Spore’s multiplayer is over Shogun’s?

The couple games I’ve played of Shogun 2 have matchmade me under a minute. Just had a very shameful display where most of my units routed due to the enemy using matchlocks. Still managed to make it a close defeat, but still. Disappointing after the high of my first battle.