Shoot Club: The Yo-Yo

[url=]“You’re not doing it right. You have to pull up right when it gets to the bottom.”

“Shut up.”

SO easy when you get the hang of it, but you definitely have the option of breaking several yo-yo’s (or your face) before that moment arrives.

I hate that he’s more comfortable with video games than with challenges out here in meatspace, but mainly because sometimes I feel the same way.


Kids still play with Yo-Yos? Really? I haven’t seen anyone Yo-Yo since I was 16. Unless…I’m old enough that it’s coming back in style…Noooooooooo!

I love Shoot Club, but this one is terrible.

You didn’t think the flail/mace line made it all worth it?

I kind of liked it. It is like the recent run of Shoot Club come full circle. Videogames are toys that can’t hurt you. But then I remember Trevor breaking his arm and wearing a cape. This one’s last line isn’t quite as punchy as they usually are though.

Wouldn’t a flail do less damage, because the chain doesn’t offer as much resistance as a solid haft? Or am I misremembering physics?

I think it works kind of like the rope dart.

I used to be really good at yo-yos. Like, competition good, but I never competed because I knew I wasn’t THAT good.

I probably have about 75 around the house. (Most neglected and stored in an old box.)

When you get a new yo-yo, you need break it in a bit and get the string wound up. Takes a minute. Definitely want to do this before you try any tricks.

I’ve hit myself in the face a few times.

We have found the reason for Tom’s earlier cryptic question.

So he’s not talking about real flails, he’s talking about D&D flails.

I started reading this and was alarmed when the animated ad next to the the article flashed up “Furry Challenge!”. On second glance, it was with great relief that I saw it was actual “Fury Challenge”. I’ve been burned by one too many Whittalinks…

How many points is the ‘Around The World’ achievement worth? Unless it’s a big one, I may as well stop wasting my time and work on some other one instead.

Trevor’s really due to injure himself while videogaming.

Repetitive stress injury so bad that his tendons explode out of his carpal tunnel, perhaps.

The only reference to flails on that site is two spiked balls attached to a wooden haft with metal chains. How is that different from D&D flails? I know flails are an agricultural implement too, but there are military flails.

Also, I had to do a google site search just to find this reference, because your link goes nowhere.

Finally, if this is in fact the cause of Tom’s inquiry, the current D&D rules have flails do the same damage as heavy maces, even on critical hits. The only difference is that flails are better for tripping or disarming people. Light maces and dire flails do different damage because they’re bigger, not because they’re flails.

IIRC Tom was asking about AD&D 2nd Edition, which is what I played back in '89.

The real reason is that D&D (Gary Gygax’s) ordered your damage dice like this:

Mage - dagger d4 1/3 thac0
Rogue - short sword d6 1/2 thac0
Cleric - Flail d6 2/3rd thac0
Warrior Long Sword d8/d12 1/1 thac0

Wiki links to one spiked ball attached to a handle via chain. I am even betting it was described in the solo D&D adventure (red box). You’re the warrior and you meet the blonde hawt cleric.

Calm down.

I was kidding.

I don’t think Tom actually researched the nuances of flail damage vs. mace damage, but perhaps you should write his fact-checking team a strongly worded letter.