Shopping for a "Hot Pot"

I’ve been working on modifying the way I eat and the things I drink. I find that the easiest way to do this is to have access to the things I’d rather be eating instead of having to go look for them.

So I’ve been starting my days at the office with a big bowl of steel cut oats and eventually I’ll run by Starbucks for some green tea. Currently I use a microwave to heat up the water for my oats. I’d like to consolidate things a bit and brew my own tea in the office. As a side bonus, I could use the leftover water for the oats. And of course there’s the idea of heating up soups and such. I imagine it would pay for itself quickly in terms of money saved and eating habits.

Anyway, does anyone use a “hot pot” or electric kettle type thing at work/home? How does it work? Is there anything I should look for or be careful of featurewise? Any suggestions on a model?

Here’s one I’m looking at, it looks to have many of the things I’m looking for in a "hot pot’.


Found a photo of it:

I don’t know why it’s called an electric “hot pot” when it seems that it’s jsut a kettle for boiling water. I have a cordless electric kettle for home use. It’s quick and convenient. It also is less impressive in specs than the one you’ve picked out. Got it at Costco.

As for using it at work, that depends on the wiring at your place of employment. At my office, the cubicle outlets are not designed to take the load of small appliances like an electrci kettle. There is a dedicated outlet for the PC, and a general purpose outlet for low load devices. Popping on a kettle can (and has) tripped the circit breaker.

Those work well for boiling water incredibly quickly, much faster than a microwave. Just shop by price, we’re not talking high-end stereo equipment here.

I just checked the price on epinion and it’s $50 USD? My Cotsco purchase was only $25 CAD. The premium for the stainless steel and fancy innards is up to you to decide. I’m with Stusser. I’d go with a cheaper model, especially for around the office.

What exactly are “steel cut” oats?

Also, is oatmeal just porridge by another name, or is there some subtle difference I’m not aware of?


Click here.

It’s safe for work.

Man, when I saw “hot pot” in quotes my brain went all kinds of illegal places…

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I thought of that chinese soup, where you start off with a bland very hot broth and dip your meat, seafood, and veggies into it to cook them, then finally drink the broth. Good stuff actually.

I’m using a “hot pot” (who made up that name?) for coffee and tea. It’s fast, it’s great, but you must decalcify the inside of the pot on a regular basis. I’m using simple vinegar-based cleaner for that.

The trick is, to get the pot clean it should be made of a single piece of stainless steel. I’ve seen many such devices where only the upper parts were made of stainless steel, and the bottom was a plastic bowl. You’ll never get that clean.

Thanks guys for the suggestions and information. I’m going to with the 675 pictured and linked above, just because if I’m going to do it I don’t want to buy twice if it works out really well.

Gonna order it this weekend probably.

hot pots rock. my parents have one. mom cooks up some chicken soup. then lays out some raw or cold ingredients around the table: shrimp, fishballs, meatballs, veggies, bits of chicken, etc. we all have little wire baskets at the end of spoons. we take what we want and cook it away in the soup. adds flavor and everything is hot when we eat it. good times.