Shopping for a portable video player

My wife travels a lot, and I’m considering a video player for her for Christmas. They seem to have come a long way recently in terms of screen size, as well as feature set.

Anyone have any recommendations? I’m probably looking at roughly $100 for one, which the 7" screens seem to have come down around at this point. I want one that not only plays DVDs, but also has USB and built-in codecs for video playback (I was going to say AVI, but the Wiki article on AVI appears to indicate that DivX now handles the AVI wrapper fine–is that true? Most of the machines I’ve looked at list DivX as an available format, along with MP3, MP4, etc. but they don’t list AVI, since I guess its technically not a codec.)

Any feedback would be appreciated.

A netbook + vlc?

For $100 or so? Sorry, but I’ve been out of work/underemployed for almost 2 years now. Right now I have a temp job where I’m making 12k less/year than I was at the last “real” job, and 20k less than I was at the job before that. So talking about real laptops just isn’t feasible for me at the moment.

Sorry to hear that. I bought a philips one from about 2 yrs back. It had good divx/avi support and even had a sd card slot and usb port. It also had very good dvd+/-r compatibility. Granted, this was a larger 10.2" model so I’m not sure what features they cut on the $100 7" ones.

Refurbished Archos? Go for about $99, but no DVD. Easy enough to rip though to save the $$$.

That’s not a bad looking deal. What little I’ve read so far, Archos seems to have a pretty good reputation (though of course this is a refurb, which makes the statement sort of ironic). Anyone have any experience with them?

I just use my PSP as a portable video player. convert everything to mp4 and you are good to go. i have an 8gig memory stick just for video and in it’s format you can hold pretty much a season of a tv show.

edit: i know it doesn’t fit your criteria but it it plays fun games too.