Short term housing in DFW?

Anyone have experience with short term (month to month) housing anywhere, or Dallas/FW specifically?

I’ve got to stay in the area until a job opens in another state, but the house my fiance and I were in sold super quick. So now she’s in Tennessee with her new job and I’m in Dallas.

I’ve looked at some long-term hotels that aren’t horrible, but with my hours I’d be coming home right during the skeeviest part of the night (midnight) and dodging hookers and dealers isn’t what I’m hoping for. Craigslist has some room-mate setups that don’t seem too bad, but there is also a bunch of listings that appear to be at hotels around DFW. They don’t give the hotel name/address but based on the pics it’s obviously a hotel. And there are about 3 or 4 different contact numbers (all mobile) for at least a dozen different listings with different pricing based on the location (Dallas higher, Irving…not so much).

Just looking for advice from anyone with experience or knowledge of this sort of thing.

I have some small experience with this, but it is going to depend heavily on local housing conditions. Month-to-month leases tend to be pretty common, but you can almost expect to pay double for the privilege if the landlord or company thinks they can get a long term rentor. Because everytime the unit changes hands it costs them both in vacancy opportunity costs and in the costs of advertising and preparing the unit for a new tenant. There are also companies that rent monthly, furnished units to largely businesses, but once again expect to pay through the nose.

However, if you’ve got a good credit history and show income, opportunities open up. Maybe check around a large college, because housing tends to be cheaper and move-ins and move-outs more common. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors keep odd hours.

So I spent this afternoon checking a few places. The first was a bit far from where I work, but still closer than where I used to live. But they had removed their contact info sometime this week so I assume the rooms are taken. Then I tried one of the many listings that are obviously hotels. The price was cheap but the place was godawful. I’ve stayed in some dives in West Texas when I was in the oil business, but no way was I gonna stay at this place. There are some more expensive similar listings so I may call the gal back (outside sales I found out when I went into the hotel) later and see what those offer.

There’s always a few ‘rent out the spare bedroom’ things that aren’t expensive (500) but I’m going to try and avoid that for now.

My hours are crazy which makes it hard to stay with the family I have in the area, so I’m going to float from family on days off to a hotel on work days nights. I may lose my mind. If so I’ll try and stay coherent enough to log my decent into madness here.

btw, just to update anyone who posted on the online-dating thread from way back and who’s still dealing with that chaos…the fiance I mention above is the doctor I met online a couple of years back. So the online thing can work. Just don’t underestimate how quickly your house can sell and leave you scrambling.

where are you working in DFW. Big area, with lots of variation in cost and skeeve

Work in Southlake. No skeeve around there, just high prices. And I’d rather not pay more than a mortgage if I can help it.

The place that I turned around from was in Irving, just north of the airport. It was right out of a movie, I see a couple of big nice hotels and I’m thinking ‘great, this is awesome’. Then I pass by the nice ones and the sickening outline of 70s crap hotel comes into view with the name I was looking for. Dudes hanging around smoking at the doors, who I’m guessing are staying there long term’ish. Ugh.

Ended up staying with family anyway. For a bit. Hopefully, I’ll get something shortly and move and not have to worry with it.

Might be able to find some places in Grapevine or something. Southlake is high-end/well-off these days.

— Alan

yeah, Grapevine and maybe Coppell, but will cost you more. Irving has nice places, but also not so nice places like many inner burbs.