Shot in the Dark? Shopping an NDS property!

If you’ve been keeping up with the “Who are you and what do you do?” thread, you’ll know I’m the Director of Consumer Products for Cookie Jar Entertainment. I’m the guy who sells licenses for our various Kids’ shows in development and production. Given the interesting mix of peeps here, I thought I’d throw this out and see what happens:

We’re working on a new show for boys 6-12. The show is based on an TCG from the early 2000s. This time around, the TCG will be supported by the show, and of course all the ancilliary licensing that goes with that. Given the nature of the property (“Harry Potter” meets “Pokemon”) I see it as a perfect fit for an NDS SKU. There’s also a lot more going on, but in the interest of keeping this inital post short, I’m keeping it short.

So… my question: Any developers here looking to license a property with all the potential in the world? You’ll be getting access to IP that will have a TV show – already sold to broadcasters in the US and Canada! – and the marketing support of the TCG partner.

If there’s any biz dev guys on the board here, drop me a PM. We’ll talk.