Should Bill Huffman be banned from Qt3?

In the interests of public safety I am starting this poll to rid the world - or at least Qt3 from this evil scourge. Vote away !

Even I’m more useful and well-liked than he is, and Christ, people would line up to shoot me in the balls with a paintgun by the truckload.

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but it seems Huffman and Derek have been on pretty good behavior lately. The whole dinosaur thing was a godsend (do we have Met K to thank for that?).

At any rate, I think requiring registration has helped a bit. There was some guy who logged on as Dr. K-Smart and posted a bunch of snipes at Derek. I politely PMed him and asked him to participate constructively, at which point he told me to fuck off, but then proceeded to pretty much participate constructively. A little. More or less.

So I don’t think there needs to be anymore banning now that we’ve gotten rid of that foofighter dude.


And have I thanked you for that yet? You can really see the difference.

I don’t know- I thought most people were being pretty civil until Chet poured the venom on Bill in the IT workers thread. I really don’t like the idea of banning people just because they annoy other people. Some of Derek’s posts annoy the crap out of me but I wouldn’t want to ban him because he also offers some good threads and points of view. Same as Bill. I think the ‘encourage positive behaviour and ignore negative behaviour’ management regime works well here.

Ah, well, I’m happy to say I missed that thread until now.

I just skimmed it, but it appears Bill didn’t really do anything wrong. He tried to start a discussion, Chet reprised his world-famous asshole act, Derek called me a wuss an an ijit, Bub chimed in with something that once again made no sense, and then it went downhill from there. Business as usual.

I think it peaked with Aszurom’s bouncing Hitler car.

Anyway, the way I see it, Bill is welcome to participate in the forums. I trust he knows now what is and isn’t appropriate. His current sin, which is ironically the same problem Derek Smart has had all along, is that he’s too easily baited.

At any rate, I urge you all, and especially Bill, to just ignore the stupid thread.


[color=green]Mr. Yuk says, “Don’t feed trolls!”[/color]


This poll has three “yes” choices and two “no” choices. A better way to do this would be for option #1 to be “no” and option #2 to be “yes”. More conclusive results. Also, I have a feeling that #1 always gets the most “i dont really care” votes.

Ay, it’s the rule of all questionnaire based social researches, that the first and last answers are marked at random most frequently. Not that it really matters with this kind of poll, it’s totaly unrepresentative, like most internet po… [yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah and more on social research]

I think it’s funny that Bill has repeatedly flouted the “last straw” post by the moderators, but they have equivocated on banning him. I’m not saying which side I agree with, but so much for the so-called last chance policy.

/me waiting for someone to draw the Iraq analogy.

I think it’s funny that, after all these years, Derek continues to acknowledge him instead of just pretending that Bill isn’t even posting here.

Well, no, it’s not funny. Perhaps ironic.

You mean “moronic”.

I think it’s funny that Bill has repeatedly flouted the “last straw” post by the moderators

There was only one such post, by me, and it was pretty quickly retracted. Mark and I are too big a pair of wussies to ban anyone.


My point exactly. Tom always seems to conveniently miss the offending posts and as soon as I get back to my other machine, I’m going to flood this thread with them. My guess is he’ll ignore them, hang back for another week or so, then stroll back in - like a clueless git - and proclaim ignorance. :roll:

THEN to make matters worse, he has the fucking nerve to compare my contributions and shenanigans here to that of that wanker troll. I’m not sure whats going on, but Tom this is ridiculous. As for Huffman

Thats all I have to say about that.

I think all polls should auto-magically include a ‘WTF’ choice. :roll:

  • Alan

I think you just gave some validity to Tom’s remarks about you.

So, did I win something?

No, actually, I think that makes you a loser. Somehow, I get the feeling that I’m not alone in that sentiment. But, it could just be me.

Dirt your the loser. I don’t know though, as it could just be me.