Should heathens be able to celebrate Christmas?

Or should their Godless consumerism continue to piss me off.

Please respond:

1= Yes

2= No

3=ShiTZBONerz (or an approximation)

Jesus is watching and not amused. He sees your other thread.

I know that you are relatively new, but all polls require one additional option. Please refer to any other poll for details.

Edited and laboured over.

Definately edited.

You’re a troll, however: Yule was there before Christmas, as were other “mid”-winter celebrations.
Thinking back on my childhood, I remember the warmth, love and joy of the season, and none of it had to do with knowing that Jesus our Lord and Saviour had been born. Though that’s a nice story, withspiffy songs.
Also, Godless does not mean loveless.

Early christians had no need for winter solstice feasts. Us pagans living in the dark woods of Northern Europe did. When christianity spread some pope had the bright idea to incorporate the heathen traditions into christianity to ease the converting. Christmas now is a mishmash of pagan sun worship with christian trappings and traditionalist consumerism.

Why shouldn’t we get to celebrate the Solstice? Anyhow, Santa is a pagan God if ever there was one. :D (Yeah, I know, St. Nick… but he’s a God of his own now.)

I choose #3.

Always good to see the message of Christian love being spread around.

Given it’s a heathen festival hijacked by the church to begin with I’d say the heathens have as much if not more right to the holiday than the christians. A brief history of Christmas, taken from a Christian website just to be on the safe side. :)

Saturnalia was a great party. A 2 day long affair, it was held at a mansion in Oregon wine country. The first night was marked by a masquerade ball and a 3 star gormet dinner. The second night was more of an ambient affair, featuring an orgy in the card room. We went to a wine tasting at the montinoire vineyards and picked up a few cases for the second night, and that was a lot of fun. Food, sex, yule, and drugs. Now THAT’s a tradition worth keeping.

If I didn’t know better I would think you were lying.

It happened.
It’s happening again this year.

I wanted a nice midwinter festival for the family this year, but without all the baccanalia. So, I have made one up: SEWGUD. Pronounced “So Good,” it stands for Secular Early Winter Gift Unwrapping Day. I picked December 25 as the date for it, since everyone has that off already. Happy SEWGUD everyone!

I like it. Now you just need a logo…

Christ, does no one respect the real holidays any more? December is for one thing, and that’s Festivus.

The Airing of Grievances causes too many fistfights.

I think that’s the point. The Airing of Grievances is supposed to roll right into the Feats of Strength.