Should I buy a steaming turd?

Just checking.

I voted yes because you can use the steam for your steam locomotive.

You do have one right?

Yes, because it’ll come in handy if you decide to film a remake of Pink Flamingos.

I vote that this poll - no, this website - ah, hell, make it the entire WEB - is not safe for work. There are thousands of people who are wandering around factories now, eyes glued to Web news sites on their PDA-cellphone-videogame-camera-calculator* type devices, who are soon going to meet their untimely demise in the wood chipper because they were entranced by the latest quarter-point uptick of the Dow!

*[size=2]At some point this was meant to be funny. Then I realized that it’s no longer possible to parody the sheer number of functions being stuffed on PDAs.[/size]

I voted no, just because it was predicted that this thread would be started, and everyone would vote yes. I just can’t allow that to be an accurate prediction.

It depends…is it $19.99 or less and does it come with replacement packs for your Swiffer Sweeper and a mini-body hair trimmer?

Isn’t anyone esle wondering what kind of turd this is? Are we talking people poop here, or what? Imported or domestic? WTF, Ben?

“Image (click-click) DELETED!”

Are you talking excrement? Or Daikatana?

I guess this makes Kyle Wilson the official Qt3 prophet, no?

Poo, it smells good… and you can eat it too! You know what I voted for.


Wow… I think that’s even better than being the most respected thinker on the board, by far. :)