Should mobile phone accessories fear acts of God?

I bought a new mobile phone today, a Sony Ericsson, and as a bonus I got a little diode flashlight that uses the phone as a power source. Now, I happened to read the warranty to said flashlight and I saw this text:

This warranty does not cover any failure of the product due to…blah blah…accident or act of God

I’m thinking that if an act of God ever interfered with my phone I’d probably have bigger things to worry about than warranties.

I would just like to say that I thought “Should Mobile Phone Accessories Fear Acts of God?” was probably, IMO, one of Philip K. Dick’s weakest books.


Customer called in last week and wanted a replacement phone because there was some flooding in her home from heavy rain.

Cust: You should replace it for free because you people always say you won’t replace equipment if the damage is my fault. It was an act of god and was outside of my control.

Me: Warranties don’t cover that, insurance does.

Cust: So are you saying that Verizon Wireless doesn’t support the idea that there is a god?

Me: Not at all, it means you’ll have to go to him for a warranty replacement, otherwise get insurance.

Whoo. Good stuff, discovering how to see if I’m being monitored or not was the greatest thing ever.