Should people be allowed to post things in public forums?

It is very uncomfortable to see.


Its kind of asking like “Should people be able to walk on a public sidewalk?”

Maybe I just don’t understand the question…

wtf? x2


This is what I mean. I’m unhappy. Mr. Whitta post a disgusting link and end it all.

Hey yeh he does that - you know that thing up the top how that has the forum rules and if something offends you that you should talk to Tom Chick about it… yeh.

btw - if we had sigs on these forums then I’d totally have your last post as mine. ( and thank God we don’t )

I’m sorry, the Internet is now closed. Please shut down your browser.

Yeah, well Mr. Chick (Tom to you, I guess) is harassing me. Everytime I post I get a new email from him and I am tired of responding.

CHICK if you are listening: YES

That is both relevant and extraordinary to all and and everything and legally binding.

Oh, and an answer.

I knew I voted right in that P&R thread. :wink:



Thats just not what I’m looking for. A number.

So, uh, who likes Jam ? I sure do.


I want my money back. And I am sueing Mr. Chick.


HAHAHHAhaahahHAHAhAhahahahA HA ha AHAHAAHAhaaaahahAHAHAA!!!

ha ha ha.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think I shall sue you.

but who likes Jello?

Would your name happen to be Donovan Phillips?