Should the U.S. Attack Syria?

Should the U.S. attack Syria?

Could we just wait a month and enjoy the afterglow before we invade someone else?

Yes… lets take over the world!!

First Syria then Russia, China and Great Britain!!!


Amen. I want to just cuddle with Iraq for a while before I go looking for a fresh piece of third-world army.

Nah, France goes before Britain. Let’s bomb those cheese-eating surrender monkeys back to the Lascaux Caves…

Nah, France goes before Britain. Let’s bomb those cheese-eating surrender monkeys back to the Lascaux Caves…[/quote]

Can I get that on a shirt? Or maybe have one that says “Cheese-eating surrender monkey” with an arrow pointing to the right, like those “i’m with stupid” shirts. Hijinks will ensue

I hope you’re not crediting me with the phrase… I think that was one of Groundskeeper Willie’s bons mots.

Too late, in my mind I already have. Expect an email from me in a few days where I attack you for stealing someone elses line and claiming it as your own.

That sounds like something a French person would do. You’re not a French person, are you?

Don’t make me invade you!

ooo, another vaction spot!

I might have voted for the answer about beating up weak countries but I think the US armed forces could wipe out almost any country. The only one they might have trouble with is China and only because there are so many in the Chinese army, they might not have enough bombs and bullets to go around.

We’d also struggle in the first week or two of a war in Korea, casualties at the parallel when the north runs over it would be severe, Seoul would get torched with heavy civilian deaths within D+12 hours.

I thought we were going for a cultural victory?

You funny guy. You make me raff. :lol:

I would kinda like to make a run through Uday’s secret sex palace before we move on to the next one if that is okay with everyone else.

I totalled this up on my adding machine while still at work this afternoon and came up with a figue of 9,882,243 mitigating factors that must be addressed before we invade Syria.

Here is a phrase I never imagined I would ever see or hear.

Groundskeeper Willie doe kick substantial ass, though, I will give you that.

France we can do whenever. It shouldn’t take more then a few National Guard troops to make them buckle under.

Hell, a sharp increase in American tourists ought to do the trick in short order.

sounds like a plan.

Wait a minute - does Syria have oil reserves? Because as long as I can spend blood for oil I am in.

Blood for oil is so cliche. Can’t we spend lymph for methane or bile for coal instead?