Should we ban jellyfish?

He’s desperate for attention and banning is a form of attention, right?

Where’s the poll? I want to vote YES!

p.s: who is jellyfish?

Dude, that guy is lame.

He needs to post more, though.

Where is the poll? FAIL.

Poll hastily added to post, where you can pick ALL the choices, in 5…4…

I won’t bother giving an opinion. You can’t see it anyways.

Ummm…I don’t have you on ignore.

Don’t bother, Robert Sharp. Dirt has gone nuclear on us and is now in full Emo lockdown.

I missed something with dirt?

Emo Phillips?

I voted yes.

Oh. I misunderstood your “Done.” post in the other thread. I guess it isn’t always about me. ;)

Ahh…I was telling jellyfish that I would create a thread about him.


:amused smiley:

I don’t see an option for fecal erections. This poll is invalid.

First can I find out what jellyfish thinks of Ron Paul?

I thought you guys were talking about JellyFish salad - which is awesome.

I have no idea who jellyfish the poster is.

I missed the Dirt poll, initially, and just saw this and I thought this had something to do with getting rid of the beautiful sea creatures.

Beautiful sea creatures that can sting you to death.