Should we ban jellyfish?

I remember somehow getting my hands on some kind of god awful educational software about undersea creatures, or something like that. Anyway, the only think I specifically remember is the jellyfish saying, “I may be a jellyfish, but that doesn’t mean I go well with peanut butter. In fact, I would cause a pretty bad case of indigestion.” Based on that, I am voting to not ban him, at least not until we get a poster named peanut butter.

QFMFT. They are scary. Ban them all.

If jellyfish are outlawed then only outlaws will have jellyfish.

Stickup Note:

“This is a hold up. I have a jellyfish in my pockit. I will use it if you don’t give me all your money. Don’t make me use the jelly fish.”

Since when were bannings a democractic decision?

Just put some pantyhose on and be done with it.

I know that I am really tired, but I have been laughing at this for like five solid minutes.

“Don’t make me use the jelly fish.”

Rejoinder: “That’s a jellyfish in your pocket? I thought you were just happy to see me.”

I find this deeply disturbing.
Imagine if you went to a restaurant and saw ‘Karen Salad’ on the menu?!?

I read somewhere Jellyfish was mostly cartillage or something and thus of minimal caloric value :( too bad, stuff’s tasty with vinegar and stuff.

I couldn’t make it fit, so I used N/A to cover that. I figured it was pretty close.

How can N/A stand for shit b0nerz?

Nob Anuses?

Nasty Assholes?

It can’t, and his blatant flaunting of poll etiquette is how Robert has won himself an all expense-paid trip to REPORTED.

I am testing whether hitting the button over and over will report you more than once.

I already tried that with you, and it says that you can only report someone once every 60 seconds. Shame.

Rest assured you will be reported 525,600 times per year from now until the Apocalypse, which for my money can’t come soon enough. I’ll see you in hell, Sones.

We have a report button now! I vote to abuse it!

I think that’s a REPORTABLE offense.

Too bad this forum isn’t adolescent enough to get chet mad enough to take that toy away.