Should you play Brink or Section 8: Prejudice?

I didn't say anything about your Section 8 point, because it didn't make any sense. It's cheaper, and reviewers liked it better. So what?

I'll accept your accusations about these sites when you come up with some evidence to support them. Of course some sites are more reputable than others, just like some businesses in other fields are more or less honest. But you made a blanket statement, as though that was how all these companies behaved.

And one of the specific sites we were talking about was Giantbomb.... Jeff Gerstmann.... Kane & Lynch. Ringing any bells? Are you going to tell me the guy who got fired from Gamespot (generally considered one of the bad sites, for good reason) for giving a poor review of a game featured on the site, who then went and started a new site with other former employees to be free to review games as they pleased, is being dishonest in his reviews? Hell, GB doesn't even have banner ads.

So please stop this silly bashing of the game journalism industry.