Shouldn't this guy be blind by now?

You’d think so:

Sounds… Implausible. Seen any other coverage on this?


More proof that it is B.S.:

  • Its an Australian site and if this board proves anything it is that Australians and the country’s residents are full of something which is, by all accounts, shit

  • They measure the temperature with some moon man scale:

Now 13 C Forecast max 14 C

I depart from my 15 year old jokes for the 10 year old joke of the day:

Yeah, that stands for 13 degrees Crapsius.

I went looking for more proof, didnt really find any, but the india times websites is amusing and had this as the top headline :

Don’t trust the Pakistani General, warn analysts

India Times

McMaster… BATION.

Thus ends my parody of ~3,500 Tyjenks posts. Thank you, and goodnight.

Funny you should mention that. When my brother’s son was about 6 or 7 years old, he told his son that he would be called McMasterbator, that we all had, and he would be as well.

At what point do all these dirty jokes people post of their own volition, stop being blamed on me.

This kind of hoax has been perpetuated throughout history – from Ann Moore, the 18th-century “Fasting Woman Of Tutbury”, to the last century’s Mollie Fancher, “The Brooklyn Engima”, to the more recent cult of “Breatharianism”. There’s an interesting book on Mollie Fancher, her celebrity, and her motivation (it also covers the long history of these “anorexia mirabilis”-type hoaxes) called The Fasting Girl: A True Victorian Medical Mystery by Michelle Stacey.

Too bad NASA didn’t consult Sparky before they asked this guy to demonstrate his trick, I mean his method.

I’m really getting the feeling that NASA is being run by ding-dongs lately.

I doubt NASA has anything to do with it. That Aussie paper is probably the equivalent of the National Enquirer. I was just amazed that there’s a whole movement around this. I did a search and, like Sparky, discovered the whole Breatharian thing. So there should be a whole BUNCH of blind, starving people out there.

Actually I think the Sydney Morning Herald is pretty respectable, and one of Australia’s largest papers.

Which may be why the story has now been deleted.


The National Enquirer is America’s largest paper (or periodical of any type, I believe). For what it’s worth.


Aw, they nerfed the story.

But he sounded like a Transmetropolitan Breathearian.

Centigrade is where it’s at! 0 freezing, 100 boiling? Sounds good to me.