Show me your Draw Somethings

You’re all playing, right?

On my phone, with my finger:

On my phone, with my finger:

On my iPad, with my finger, copying a photo:

On my iPad, with a stylus, copying a picture:

Sorry, I can’t. that’s zynga game (now).

Well you guys are all boring. Harrumph.

I just have buy a wacom table, i have not draw anything in 10 years,…

Your art its preccise and creative, it make sense for you to show it.

You should be playing Drawception.

We player that a while ago around here, but it was called something else and the system didn’t really work because games got started and not finished.

Effective, but it’s creeping me out.

My work here is done.

PS: It’s the placenta that does it.

Yeah we’re playing this one now because a) it’s done by a Qt3’er and b) actually works.

Oh cool, I missed that thread before.

When I get home, I’ll spoil the first season of Game of Thrones for you via Draw Something.

Wholly, your drawings put mine to shame. Especially when I try to draw on my phone where I can’t draw a straight line or decent curve.

On my tablet, my finger painting level is more along the lines of:

Pic 1


But then again, my son sends me this kind of stuff and expects me to guess… which I did. After sleeping on it and much though.

Pic 2


In his defense, he does his on an iPod Touch.


yeah, I like my stylus better than these fat fingers.

Hard to see what you’re doing under these fat fingers… but a tablet pc is a little more refined than any i-thingey :)

A hobo! iPhone, fingertip:

Skyrim! Sort of. iPhone, fingertip, Googled up a screenshot or two since I hadn’t actually played it. I was pleasantly surprised they guessed this one right:

I’m proud of some of my simplest ones. iPhone, fingertip:

And back on my iPad with the stylus and a reference shot (which didn’t stop me from screwing up the face, but I was running low on ink), this spoiler for the season one finale of Game of Thrones:


Almost had it! I thought it was a whale cage.

I didn’t think it was that bad. The bottom thing is a decent cage and the top thing has a tiny wing and an eye. I got it in under a minute.

You’re more in tunes with my son’s art style than I am. :) Didn’t help that I started with the idea that the bottom part was some kind of gate. Threw me when thinking of what it could all be.

Wholly, Excellent drawings.


My Android doesn’t let me take screenshots. This is a shame because my drawing of “Kung Fu” was magnificent.

Sucks that you can’t pull your past pix.