Show me your Steam junk drawer

You know, the category where you keep the possibly-drained AA batteries, the dull scissors, those post-it notes you stole from your job ten years ago but never used, the graveyard of 512MB thumbdrives you bought years ago but can’t throw away because you paid like $20 apiece for them…

Here’s mine to start

You can make folders in your steam library?!

Oh…you don’t wanna see that…

In a convoluted way, but yeah. They’re actually categories (right click on game name and choose set category).

Dude c’mon, he was totally kidding.

Also, that’s the right place for X-COM: Interceptor. What a disappointment.

I’m punching you for having Parkan II there, though.

I was just thinking the other day my list had grown rather unwieldy. This is good to know.

Poor SoTS2 , so much post release support and it was still a turd.

A sad truth.

Parkan II is a terrible game, and not in an ironic, “wow, that’s a bad game hurr hurr hurr” bad way. The ludicrous English voice dub alone makes me want a Jack-Daniels-and-barbiturate cocktail.

And everyone else, c’mon, less comments, more shameful Steam secrets!

I once categorized my Steam library into genres… FPS, RTS, Turn-Based Strategy, RPG, etc. As new games were added after that, I said, “I’ll get around to categorizing that…” and now I’m up to like 150 games without categories. Ugh. I think I’m going to just put them in two groups. Played and Unplayed. I suppose this would be the place to post my Steam Unplayed after that… oy…

I need to stop buying games for awhile.

I stopped buying a lot of games. Only pick and choose now. The games below that are actually installed I’ve played anywhere from 30 minutes to 20 hours so maybe some of those shouldn’t be in the backlog list anymore…oops.

I don’t use custom folders so I could probably just show you my list of nearly 1000 games at this point since nearly 90% of them would fall under the category of “Hey I didn’t know I owned that.”

An appreciation from me as well. I don’t know why I didn’t know this.

@roguefrog Holy cats! That’s a BACKLOG.

Anyway, for those sitting on the fence about categories, here’s my suggestion:

I don’t do the “completed/not-completed” thing because it makes me feel bad when I’m trolling my “completed” list for something to play :\

Completed? What’s that?

/ #notacompletionist

I use this system:

  • Bundle crap
  • Played
  • Played enough
  • Want to play
  • Why do I own this?

The distinction between “bundle crap” and “why do I own this” is subtle. Both contain games I have no intention of ever playing. The former is for games bundled with something I actually wanted, the latter is games I paid real money for. There’s no functional difference, but the “why do I own this?” category is a more potent reminder that I should not buy games I’m not looking to play right now.

Ok, now I just have to know what’s in the “What is this I don’t even” category. :)

I’m also amused by the “Bethesda” category, mostly because it actually makes sense. :)

I’m thinking of:

You are never going to uninstall these
You might play these
Aint nobody got time for these

@scharmers I commend you for the effort to organize those, but damn dude. That’s crazy. That’s like seeing someone who can continually keep cds/dvds/console games in alphabetized order.