Show me your Steam junk drawer

I use depressurizer to automatically categorize my games according to existing public tagging on the game. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but still works perfectly fine for me.

Aw now see, this is vital information. An application that will do all the work for me? Now we’re talking.

It’s not very exciting. Just games that I feel defy categorization.

I am sure somebody’s list is more OCD than mine. Absolutely sure. C’mon. Please?

Conception 2, Starbound and Uplink are pretty solid games. ;)

Haha, you play Conception 2, you play a creepy JRPG.

My categories are:

Uninstalled -> Played those, I’m done now
Unplayed -> That’s the backlog I guess, about 20 games
Games -> Default folder for stuff installed I’m still playing and things I revisit

As for junk, I have, hmmm let’s say: Sylvio, Syberia 2, Sign Motion, Retention, Pineview Drive, Not the Robots, Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic, Flight of the Icarus, Elminage Gothic, Hack’n Slash, Deep Dungeons of Doom, Blue Flamingo, Cloud Chamber, 9th Company Roots of Terror.

My apologies to the devs of the above.

My categories. I only have a few genre specific categories for ease of access. I would also have FPS and RTS but those are usually under Multiplayer or Favorites.

I like you folks but not enough to show you my junk.

I am using a Steam system a bit similar to Roguefrog:

in the end, junk must be proeminent as I have 3 categories for it: the suspected junk, the junk that might have some life into it or that I suspect I didn’t quit “get”, and the unredeemable junk. I won’t post snap of what’s inside that last one, or I might get some flak when people see titles like the Tomb Raider reboot or Shogun 2 featured in it.

Games that don’t save when you quit: “UBICRAP”. I laughed a bit on that one. :)

I wanted Persona on PC. I didn’t get it. But I did get WAIFUs

We’ll bang, OK?

Yeah, it’s the closest game to Persona of those available on the PC. And it’s a lot more interesting / less creepy than people think it is.

What about your waifu?

My “junk drawer” is just stuff I haven’t classified yet (the generic “Games” category);

(click on a pane to expand)

Some of the games are digital copies of older games I’ve played on other services or via discs. I’m sure others are great great, some are okay, and a lot is chum worth tossing to the sharks. Any advice on what to play would be appreciated, of course!

Except sometimes Steam gets confused and blows them away and they never come back.

Possibly related to big picture mode use, as required by the Steam controller.

@Dan_Theman I find myself helplessly clicking away on your image in a futile attempt to organize that shit. I swear I don’t alphabetize my DVDs, either. :)

There are some real goodies buried in there though, but you’ve probably already played the obvious ones.

LOL - yeah, it used to be worse, then I spent a good hour placing a bunch of stuff where it belongs

Why I’ve never bothered. I’ve heard stories.

Plus my library barely cracks 200. No real need.

The best way to use Steam is to only look at the Installed drop-down. I have 3 games and a demo! [EDIT] Okay I just uninstalled Bayonetta because I’m done for a while.

Only venture to the full games list when you’re ready to play something else.

I’m so organised Mostly as this is one part of my life I am capable of controlling.

My goodness, at least make adventure games a subheading number!