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This is pretty much it.

This will give a good data analysis to show what changed.

I love some interactive charts mid way, where you can cycle through years. Pay attention to the measured for India and China from 1981 to present. That alone is 1/3 of global population going from about 50% in extreme poverty, to .35% in China, and <5% in India. That, right there is phenomenal.


It’s funny how the China chart starts at 1981, two years after the agricultural deregulation in 1979. A missed lesson, I suppose.


My cousin managed to leave coastal China (relatively well-off compared to interior in my understanding) in ~1985. We lived in the D.R., a place with no potable tap water, no real garbage collection, and electricity maybe a few hours a day. It was still better than China. He only got to eat eggs on his birthday. They used to say if you ate the egg you wouldn’t get a chicken later.

My point is, the poverty was pretty recent, my generation, don’t need to go as far back as my grandparents after WW2.

I went to China’s interior about 10 years ago, near the border of Tibet. Those people are really nice in there. Much nicer than the queue-pushing big-city folk. Even thought I couldn’t talk to them (I don’t speak Mandarin), I actually felt a sort of kinship because my family was mostly farmers. Anyway, the story is my sister needed a bathroom. Some young girl, probably 15-16 shows her one. She thought it was so disgusting she could not go in there. It cost ten cents or something. This girl wasn’t our guide or anything. She was just being polite.

She then took us far away to another bathroom that cost a quarter. In some casual chatting she mentions she’s never gone there because it’s too expensive. The implication is that she uses the one that was so disgusting my sister wouldn’t go there. She refused to take money from my mother. The part that I remember most is my mother said her shoes were very bad. I don’t notice shoes but apparently they showed poverty. It was pretty sad and made me feel guilty of being spoiled and lucky.
















That’s amazing.


I don’t get it. They couldn’t unlock the iPhone, but somehow were able to access the contacts to text the sibling?


Avery… Avery… He’s in the label business, I think.


Yeah, I’ve no idea how iPhones work so I’m kind of with you there.


The text came from a different phone.


Even if an iPhone is locked, i believe you can still see incoming call numbers on the lock screen. So, they probably called the missing phone to find it, so the thief saw the number and texted from a different phone.


If it is from a stored contact, what you see is the contact name, not their number.