Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting) 2015



Especially if you have the Night Fever, amiright?


Unless that doctor’s patient list is more than a woman then this is all just jive talkin’.

Hey where’d my gif go?



I started a joke, but that doctor should be dancing.


Hey, this thread is for un-GIFs. Get that animated shit out of here.





“The Arabic spells out a transliteration of ‘meat ball’ in English - which sounds like ‘mayit baul’, or Dead Paul.”





Who is the guy in the middle?


Megachurch megapastor Joel Osteen, who didn’t open his megachurch doors up to refugees.


It would be a church guy. smh!


…and when his actions were exposed, he lied about it, hastily scrambled to buy a bunch of air mattresses for a photo op, and claimed he was ready to help people but hadn’t been asked by government so he didn’t, and also that he was about to anyway. What utter bullshit. When so many other churches, mosques, synagogues, and other charities were open and trying to help people from the very start.


Those filthy peasants were going to get mud and water on his carpet.


Yup, fuck that guy, in the strongest terms.

@ShivaX I love that collage.

Uhh, non gif thread…



An inscribed first edition should command a premium price on ebay.