Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting) 2015



I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dog look this horrified.







The “I hate this guy” thread didn’t seem right for this, so I’ll put it here.


Then again, there’s always “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with robots.


Admittedly it’s not something I often think about:



The nerdiest basement:

I found Waldo Dickbutt!


Well now I’m upset that I can’t find Dickbutt.


Oh wow, they’ve got a reference to that weird little SCP game in that picture. That’s a deep cut.


Thanks, couldn’t figure that reference out.


On the bunk in the lower-center chamber, across the room from Beavis & Butthead and Little Groot

At least I think that’s him. Then again, I don’t recognize half the references in the pic, so it could be something else.


I think you are right. Wow, never would’ve found that.



I’ll post this here because that nerdiest basement image deserves to be a lot bigger and appreciated in more detail!


Woah, this guy is still around:

The actual art isn’t especially great, but what’s he gonna do, start over?




Cockpit of the Endeavour Space Shuttle.