Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)

I’ll start!

Real grizzly bear paw. Bear has been sedated for tagging.


From the journals of Meriwether Lewis, before the Corps of Discovery had their first encounter ever with a grizzly: “the Indians may well fear this anamal equiped as they generally are with their bows and arrows or indifferent fuzees, but in the hands of skillfull riflemen they are by no means as formidable or dangerous as they have been represented.”

From the journals of Meriwether Lewis a week later, AFTER his party had encountered their first grizzly, needing 10 shots to bring it down, including five shots to the head (like good outdoorsmen, they used the entire bear–meat for food, fat for fuel, fur for clothing). It is perhaps the greatest understatement in American history: “I find that the curiossity of our party is pretty well satisfyed with rispect to this anamal.”

That…is one honkin’ big foot.

She needs to cut her toenails.

Jebus. I knew those were bad news, but I always visualized the paws as being, oh, a third that size.

Until John McCain’s much-publicized statements about how it was a huge waste of government funds, my little sister’s honest-to-gosh day job was trapping, tranquilizing and transporting adult female grizzly bears (I bravely wrestle computers). Her husband is a freelance photographer/videographer who had been in National Geographic, so they have some amazing photos and films of the bears; he recently filmed an ABC piece on “Surviving Grizzly Attacks”, featuring Bart the bear and his trainer Doug Seus, who was the best man at their wedding.

Grizzlies are on the cusp of being de-listed as endangered species in a couple states, even as they are disappearing in many of the others.

I knew we had a new thread for 2015 somewhere!

Also another:

You could give me 100 guesses at the population of Russia, and I’d not get within 10m of its actual population. Also, Nigeria. Wow.

Canada. You lost weight.

Or deflated.

Canada has amassed over 80% of its population along the border with the US. An invasion must be imminent.

These images are only being animated BY YOUR BRAIN.

That first one is particularly effective. My eyes are darting in circles like a cat chasing a laser pointer.

The third image is static for me. I guess my brain is 1/3 broken.

The third image seems to pulsate slightly to me, but maybe that’s my monitor.

Second is most effective for me, 1 and 3 not moving much.

I’m wondering if having the three right next to each other negates some of the effect?

That’s the effect. It kind of vibrates.

I have a head ache now.

They have accepted me as one of them.