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HA, we’re not really big drinkers so it’ll have a negligible effect on us. But judging by the amount of alcohol at the July 4th party we went to in KC, people are managing! I also grew up in Arlington, TX, so I’m used to some weirdness with liquor sales. I don’t think they had liquor stores that could sell on certain days or in Arlington or something like that.


NEW YORK still won’t sell beer till noon on Sunday. (2016 they changed law to allow 10 AM in restaurants.) Why are you looking at Rhode Island!


That train story, Jason, reminds me of one of the times I went to Sundance. It was 2007 and I think the Steelers were in the Super Bowl that year, which fell on a Sunday during the film festival. The woman I was staying with, my aunt-in-law, came up to Park City to see a couple movies and hang out to watch some of the game with me (this was back when I still watched NFL games).

At that time in Utah, you couldn’t go into a bar and just order a drink. There was some weird state law that required you to be a member of some kind of club. I never quite understood the reasoning of it, but the logistics were that you paid a small fee at the restaurant/bar and after that you could order drinks.

So weird.



Oh hey that reminds me, Dallas was like that too - may still be, but I don’t get there very much anymore. I just remember being there for work a few times, this would have been late 90s, maybe 2000, and I had to get a card I could show at restaurants. I had to join a club to get a drink. Never seen that anywhere else.


That was also true in the Chicago suburb I used to live in. I had a part-time job running the liquor dept. in supermarket and we had to keep it closed and roped off on Sunday mornings. During football season you could always count on someone wanting to buy beer in time for the 12:00 kickoff:

“Sorry, no can do.”
“But I want beer for the kickoff!”
“Well, you need to buy it on Saturday or go to a neighboring town.”
“Can’t you just sell me one case?”
“Sorry, but that case isn’t worth our license.”


IIRC restaurants lobbied heavily for this due to brunch. Nobody wanted brunch without alcohol.


Even my neighborhood bodega I frequented observed this 12 AM rule. I was pretty young, and the guy let me buy beer under 21. But the 12 AM rule, nope!


Atlanta’s in three counties, and the airport straddles two of them. For a long time bars in one concourse had different operating rules than bars in the other ones.


haha, that cracks me up. He would break the underage law, but not the noon law. Man’s got to know his limits!


Looks like most of PA is yellow, but I can’t remember any of the specifics laws, even though I grew up in the heart of all that yellow. I know PA has State stores, where you have to go to purchase bottles of liquor and wine.


Jeebus, look at Arkansas. It’s full of red! It hates alcohol!



Yes, PA, and OH have state stores, which I think is why those 2 states have all that yellow.


It’s the damn quaker laws.


Yeah, until recently we could only get beer at distributors, now grocery stores and convenience shops carry beer. They also can carry wine!

The hard stuff is still limited to the State Stores.


We also can’t have it shipped to us from out of state (other than wine), so if the state LCB doesn’t carry a drink you want, you’re just out of luck.


I remember going to a Pittsburg supermarket trying to get beer. No beer anywhere! Then there’s one type only, O’Doulls or something I’d never heard of. Whatever ok we need beer. Wait. What is this? NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER? Why does this exist? Why would anyone drink beer, the active ingredient is alcohol!!?

Then my friend was like, “oh yeahh… i think they passed a law recently”. We had to go to these little microbrews to buy beer. Ended up carrying a few cases passing frat house blocks. I was worried it was going to get boosted.

For the liquor you have to go to these state stores and it was strange, they had to scan the out of state license and take copies. This was around 1993.


On O’Doul’s… I make up local advertising for AbInbev, and the price discrepancy between Non Alcoholic beer (which still contains trace amounts of alcohol so a no no for people in recovery) is nearly TWICE as much as the real deal. It reminds me of the “super leggera” versions of sports cars… pay 50% more for us to remove features from the vehicle ;)


Well, it hates legal alcohol. I mean, it’s Arkansas.


Don’t foget your un-gif images. :)

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I once tried stuff in a jar like this, so much burn, it burned all the internal things.


I lived in Kansas back before liquor-by-the-drink was legal. You had to join a club (maybe $10?). Then you paid an up-front fee (the ‘liquor pool’). The point of the liquor pool was that you authorized the club to buy liquor for you, which they then stored for you behind the bar (in common containers with everyone else’s - aka the bottle it came in). When you ordered a drink you paid part in cash (the “setup”) and part was deducted from your liquor pool balance.

All you could get in a ‘beer bar’ was 3.2 beer. And to buy anything in a liquor store? Cash or check only, no credit card.

Hurray for Carrie Nation.