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In the '70s in Ohio, 3.2 beer was all that 18-20 year-olds could buy and it was all that could be served on Sundays, which gave it the nickname “Sunday Beer.” Oh, and the beer ads during that era were completely free of any symbolism or suggestiveness:


This was an era where beer ad executives were under the impression that it was purchased exclusively by men (go fig). After coming to the startling realization that half of the drinking age public were GASP women!! our industry got a little less sexist with the ads. See below for a 2018 version.

However, this didn’t stop sexist pandering, the number one selling beer package is the “18 pack” because marketing execs were sure that “women doing the shopping couldn’t lift a standard case (24 pack)”



But Virginia also has state liquor stores, and it’s almost entirely blue on that map.

Maybe it’s just the wording of the laws? For instance, you can’t buy liquor in Virginia on Sundays, but that might not be because the law says so… it might just be because the state ABC stores all “happen” to be closed on Sunday. Speculation.


Definitely not closed on Sundays here in Northern Virginia


There should be a blue law against endless thread tangents. Where’s that thread split Nazi?


Well that’s a different state than where I lived in Virginia. Also, getting into an ABC store and buying something felt like you were trying to go through airport security.

My new favorite band.



My former boss, since retired, grew up in Canada until sometime in his 20s. For his last professional hurrah, we hosted the Southeast Music Library Association meeting here. Terrapin Brewery is pretty generous with the community, so my boss contacted them to see if they would donate beer for the opening reception. He included details of our plan to acknowledge their largess with appropriate signage; he really was a detail oriented person, but some things you assume you know. So, Terrapin agreed to provide the requested 12 cases.

When he told us, we said, “Um, that’s a lot of beer. The conference isn’t that big.” He replied that it was only 144 cans. It turns out that a case in Canada is 12 cans, at least back in his day. For probably the first time ever, Terrapin received an email requesting they donate less beer.



Blockquote He replied that it was only 144 cans. It turns out that a case in Canada is 12 cans, at least back in his day.

Equivalent to mismatching metric and standard and putting a Mars probe into deep ground orbit :)

"Rowsdower, is that a… stupid name?



Ugh, that’s fucking gross.



I have absolutely no idea what you mean.


They got 144 beers. A gross (a dozen dozens) is 144 items. Just a play on words.


Oh man, now I’m embarrassed.


Yeah, I didn’t know it either.

I’m sort of tickled by the idea that an extra 144 beers would require a call back to prevent. Ohhhhh, we can’t let that happen! Such lightweights.





My first reading of that was very wrong. It’s kinda worded weird.


The ‘classic headline writer goof’ is what makes it interesting (to me, at least).


Got it. N word stadium would be a very bad idea. :)