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I just watched “Brainstorm” on TCM, and saw this in the credits.



I want to watch this.


The “Well, I’m the government now” line by The Kramer, had me howling. I can already imagine George being exasperated by a job-stealing bird.


The Olive Garden one is inspired, for those who haven’t seen it.

I assume he’s doing a bunch of these now.


“There’s more Italy than necessary” has become a catch phrase at our house.


I love the Seinfeld one, and “more Italy than necessary” is a great line too.

One really pedantic nitpick is that I don’t like that this guy describes it as “I forced a bot to watch over 1000 hours of X”. For a machine learning algorithm (I presume a neural network here) to actually watch 1000 hours of anything it would be converting the frame images to pixel information and then processing it. If it truly watched the episodes or ads it could try to generate new episodes / ads visually. It’s actually reading 1000 hours of episode scripts. The word ‘forced’ has no meaning here either.

Moreover, there is less than 90 hours of Seinfeld, so I have no idea where 1000 comes from.

I also wonder with this ML generated literature how much forcing or cheating is going on. Some things just seem too perfect, and I think it would be very tempting for a person producing these to fiddle with the words here and there so the punchlines give maximum effect. Not claiming this particular guy is doing it but just a thought.


I assume he means he fed it the scripts for X shows.


Hate to ruin the joke, but those are 100% human-written humor. Actual ML generation of relatively simple things like lists of name, sure, but not full scripts.


So the guy is a comedian and after thinking about it it’s pretty obvious it’s just a joke on other people doing this machine learning generated stuff. None of “I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Seinfeld” makes any sense.

In any event, it was funny! Props to him.

EDIT: See above, now I feel slow. To make matters worse, my post appears after Thraeg’s so there is no proof that I came to this conclusion on my own! Curses!


Well I assumed it was similar to what these guys are doing:

Since this is an image thread, some images!


To be fair, “leathery sheets of rain” is a nice turn of phrase.





Lord Vader looks like he’s been hitting the Star Wars Canteen pretty hard:



“I’ll have the penne all’arrabiata.”



“This one is wet. This one is wet.”