Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)


I really really hope that is real.


Looks like a Deep Dreams pizza.


Looks like something that crawled out of the depths of the ocean. Oh crap, now I’ve got that song going in my head.

Many miles away
Something crawls to the surface
Of a dark Scottish loch


I’m a bit slow on the uptake, so I’ll just ask: is that supposed to be Sonic?


God, I didn’t see that. I just thought it was a mess but… yeah, there it is! Thanks for pointing that out, clearly I’m even slower on the uptake but that’s my life story ;-)


Don’t worry, it took me a while to get it too.


Not a gif, no matter what your brain tells you.


I’ve seen this one before. What’s supposed to happen? It does nothing for me.


Looks to me like the red ball is slowly rotating right while the center purple bit rotates left.

I suspect vision may be the difference here, @RichVR. That cataract stuff you got going on might be blocking the illusion. See, bad vision has benefits, you’re not fooled!


My vision is still clear except for a slight blurriness in part of my left eye. This isn’t the first time I’ve missed the point of one of these optical illusion things. It may be more how my brain is wired. Or damaged. :)


So it worked on my phone, but not my tablet. Until I turned up the brightness, which made me see it there too.

Perhaps its a brightness/ contrast setting that is defeating the illusion.


Some of these things only appear to move if you’re staring right at the center. But this one for me only moves if my gaze is shifting a bit, and then I see the center pillar rotating rather than either ball.


When I got in to renew my drivers license, I always have to remember to close one eye to see the blinking light in the vision test that determines if you have, uh, two eyes I guess. Otherwise, I can’t see the blinking light. The first time it happened, I told the lady and she was like, Huh? Look again. You have to see a blinking light or you can’t pass. I told her I had to close one eye to see the blinking the first time it happened, and she acted like she didn’t want to hear that from me. So now I just close one eye for the test. Sometimes I forget and tell them I don’t see a blinking light, but then I remember and close my eye and go, Oh, wait, I see it! And then I tell them which side is blinking and I get my license.

Also, the camera they use won’t take a picture unless it detects that you’re looking at the lens with both eyes. I have a lazy eye (which I think is the problem with the blinking test light above). My photograph from the last time I took a picture has my neck muscles bulging as I try to will both my eyes to look in the same direction long enough for the camera to detect and take the picture.


Also, it’s just one ball (I think). I see it undulating a little. If I open it in Chrome, Chrome adds a black background around the image and then I can see it undulating a little more and maybe it looks like the ball is spinning on an axis, but then it stops if I focus too much.


Hey, I had that! I guess technically I still do, it never really goes away. But when I was a kid, my mom got me into a program designed to train your muscles and/or brain to minimize the wandering eye. For a few years I did a bunch of eye exercises that they gave me, which were basically like trying to see those optical illusions repeatedly. If I’m really tired then I’ll occasionally still notice my vision doing weird things, but for the most part it hasn’t bothered me in years.


Huh. My dad and I did some eyes exercises that just involved watching him move his finger around. It was a huge bore and we gave up on it.

Can you see the 3d in a 3d movie? I just mostly sit there with glasses on wishing I could see more. I think it has to do with having both eyes working in unison. I also have bad depth perception, which made driving a challenge at first. I have found other ways to gauge depth, but it all involves sitting in the driver’s seat. When I taught my daughter how to drive, it was, uh, terrifying for both of us. I never really figured out depth perception from the passenger seat, but I just started closing my eyes.


I almost never see 3D movies, but I was OK the last time I did a few years ago. Depth perception is certainly tricky if the eye starts wandering. It’s one reason I’m really careful driving when it’s late and I’m tired. There have been times that I got closer than I like to traffic ahead before I realized that my vision had gone wonky and those lights ahead were a lot closer than I’d thought.


That’s how that one works. If you don’t look directly at it, it moves, but if you focus on it nothing happens for the most part. Oddly that image wasn’t as pronounced as the one I linked from, so size might play a factor in some way. When it was smaller it felt like it moved a lot more.



I recently had cataracts removed (Nurse while I waited to get operated on: You’re one of the youngest patients we’ve ever had! Me: Is that supposed to make me feel better?) By the way, they grow, I couldn’t see shit out of one eye at night. After the surgery, it was like having high def vision, I kid you not.


Out of curiosity, are you looking at it on a small screen or a phone? I didn’t see any motion either, but this morning on my normal display at my desk I totally do.