Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)


Oh wait, wrong thread.


Haha, he said jerks.

Okay, now I see it. I just needed a little personalized prompting. You guys would love the shape of the chicken run in my backyard. @tomchick @RichVR


haha, @nKoan and @Tim_N making sure no one else is confused. Ever. This is serious stuff. :)


Does it mean something that it’s pointing to West Virginia?




I hate it when I miss an obvious penis joke, forcing someone to say, “It’s a penis joke.”

Sort of takes all the starch out of the joke.


Certainly makes the joke a little more, I don’t know, flaccid shall we say?


Sometimes you just have to wave the joke in people’s faces.


That’s called assault in some places.


Some people just can’t take a joke.


Some people can’t contain themselves and just have to ram that joke home.

And they go to jail!





I don’t get it?


Squint your eyes and see if it looks like a penis to you.

I could be wrong, Scott. Fool me once and all that.



Sorry, if I didn’t do it, @ChristienMurawski was gonna.


Awww, Kristen W - ah a penis!



after I spend my morning rewiring ceiling fixtures, FB shows me this; (it’s true) are you ameused?