Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)


That’s fun, but I don’t think it can be real. Looks like somebody started with a photoshopped Stallone face. Maybe I’m wrong, but if nothing else, the line arcing down from his nose to his mouth is gone in a way I don’t think you could do with additional shading.






Some people made fun of Dwane Johnson in high school, but you would be shocked if you saw him now.



local retro films series loves to meme it up on FB



Looking at pictures of that ship is kind of terrifying, but I’m not sure I can explain why. Is that just me?





Revisiting an oldie


I don’t really care about size. I find the technology more interesting. I.e. which is the most advanced technologically?


Well both in size and tech wizardry Murrica wins the C-peen race.


Not just you. Think about a tanker that size spilling all its oil.


Luckily it was scrapped about ten years ago. The current largest ship would now fit somewhere between the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building at 380 metres. Still huge…



Handily. The next closest is probably the British.


You guys are so NATO-centric!

Anyway, arguably no modern aircraft carrier could realistically defend itself from a guided [ed. or ballistic] missile attack by another super power. They’re mostly useful as mobile platforms to stage wars against second and third world nations. Basically, the super powers bullying the smaller countries.


I thought the big nightmare is that Iranian speedboats could sink a carrier if they really wanted. I think the navy has had exercises showing this and the guy who won got demoted or something for winning.



Massive swarms of Boghammars would do (but they have now made precautions for that) as well as guided ballistic missiles. The latter, there is hardly any defence possible, especially if such a strike were combined by conventional anti-ship cruise missile attack, jamming, etc. A good old heavy wake homer torpedo of the kind the soviets fielded will also ruin the carriers’ day.

It’s a capital ship. Of course it’s vulnerable.

That’s why the old plastic bugs are no longer sufficient. They lack the range for the CVBG to stay out on or beyond the edge of those threat envelopes. Longer ranged strike aircraft are needed.


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