Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)



Also, a public service announcement: do NOT search on “planet of the cats” images if you value your sanity. Somehow it nets you a lot of anime porn.


In honor of the Superbowl’s halftime show:


Wait, Boy George dressed as Bam Bam Bigelow at the Superbowl?


Well, shit. That would’ve been worth watching.



That is made of win.

Unlike the Seahawks.

Too soon?

Yeah, too soon.



Based on what he has to work with, that dog is going to make just about the worst woofles ever.


Not at all!

Woofle recipe:

1 package bacon
3 eggs
steak sauce

Put eggs and bacon in a bowl. Cover in steak sauce. Dump bowl on floor. Noisily scarf up contents of bowl.

Dogs everywhere swear by this recipe.



I laughed harder at that than at anything in days, maybe weeks. Thank you, Gus.



Just saw this today and thought I’d share because why should I be the only one to suffer.

SFW but seriously gross. If you click don’t complain

[spoiler]Cymothoa exigua attaches itself to the fish’s tongue. It eventually destroys the fish’s tongue, and then attaches itself to the stub of what was once its tongue and becomes the fish’s new tongue

Apparently some lady in Nottingham found the head of one of these in a tuna can.



Same, that’s good stuff.


— Alan


I like reading these in his voice.


Consider the fact that we have all likely eaten those bug things while eating canned tuna at some point in our lives, and just didn’t notice because there wasn’t a little head staring at us in the can.


Uhhh… no. I have a strange food/texture issue that only seems to kick in with tuna. Ever since I was a kid I expect my tuna salad to be a specific texture. There can be a spectrum of textures from soft to dry to crumbly to soupy. No problem. But let there be a stray fragment of bone in there, as there is, occasionally. BAM. The whole batch is tossed in the trash. I almost puke. Then I don’t eat tuna for a month or two.

I can only eat albacore from either Bumble Bee or Starkist. If I get tuna from a place like Subway, I put potato chips on it. This will cover the occasional crunch. Yeah, I’m fucked in the head. Sue me.


I don’t really care about the canned tuna, but that fish image has been haunting me all day. Nature is ugly and disgusting and I’m at a point I’m considering going veg.

I refused Friday night chicken!