Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)

Gotcha. I may or may not have done something similar. :slight_smile:

what the fuck

Image of the week, via Security Now

Just a couple of St. Louis kids hangin’ out on the school bus together a decade or so before they’ll each be stars on their professional teams, playing for a championship in their respective sports this week.


Wait. That’s Tatum and Doncic? Is there more story to that photo? Like why was Doncic in the US, I mean he was already playing pretty serious basketball in Europe even at that age right?

Google image can’t help me with finding the source. Is this a troll? I need answers!

Different sports. It is indeed Tatum on the right (who looks exactly like that, still – just a bit more grown up and with the facial hair). Next to him is his Chaminade High School classmate Matthew “The Rat King” Tkachuk of the Florida Panthers.

Appreciate the help, thank you!

Ha, just like the Mitch Hedberg joke.


I want to watch the WPM contests!

Is that one of them newfangled Nintendo Switches? I swear, kids these days…


I bet if you could distribute the grenade pin force over most of your teeth (especially molars) pulling the pin would be barely an inconvenience.