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Of course most wine poseurs are just silly, because they can’t tell tokaji aszu from rothschild lafite blindfolded. But in their favor, no matter how much they fabricate their nutty and fruity aftertastes and invent noses no one can smell, as a rule they don’t tell you you’re wrong for liking some wine they don’t, and that’s the obnoxious model for steak people.

Oh and here is a F-4U courtesy Maciej Noszczak.

Medium Well had always been my preference up until circa 1980 or so, when I got my first apartment and really began cooking for myself in earnest.

One day, I decided to try my steak Medium Rare for the first time, and OMG I was amazed at the additional flavor! So next time, I decided to go further, and went with Rare, and once again OMG! That was even more amazing!

Your post is the first time I’ve heard of a Blue steak, but after reading that article, I’m sure that the next thing I tried back then was in fact Blue. However, I must have done it wrong (for instance, I probably did not bring the steak to room temperature before starting), because I got very sick. I cannot recall the details as to how sick I was, or for how long, but I do remember not eating steak for several months after that, and when I finally did, it was back to Medium Well for many, many years.

Only in recent years have I gone back to experimenting with Medium Rare, and in truth probably closer to just plain Medium, because the flavor (for me anyway) is superior. The tricky part for me is in not triggering that reflex again, and getting it just right is difficult.

When I was a child, I grew up in a household with 9 siblings. My mom cooked for 12 on an everyday basis and she of course had to simplify the cooking process. Therefore, when we got meat, it was always well done. It wasn’t until I went to college that I discovered just how much more flavorful a rare steak actually is. I am always thankful that my roommate was a steak snob who basically spent months shaming me into trying a rare steak. Now a days when I get asked just how rare I want my steak, I tell them to walk it slowly through a warm room. I guess I am a blue steak guy because I basically want my steak quick seared and served. This is, by the way, the great thing about sous vide devices. You can safely cook a steak as rare as you want it to be. Just get the right time and temp and then quick sear it at the end and you have the perfect steak, everytime.

That’s not true!

For sauces they are all different approaches and tastes but for steaks if you take the same piece of meat and cook it, you’re going to get very different results including flavour and texture - just like ordinary cooking.

No one has ever accused a steak of being “more flavourful” at well done than at medium. Frankly there is a difference and generally if you like your meat well done, you do you but then it’s not important to get an expensive cut because most of the texture and flavour is going to be cooked right out and you’re really there for the jaw exercise.


I mean, objectively, you are 100% correct. I grew up eating cheap Army commissary “steaks” that were cooked to the point of being suitable for shoe leather–usually smothered in A1 or Worcestershire. It was literally decades before I realized beef could be tasty. To this day though I eat very very little red meat (which isn’t a bad thing I guess), and almost never order steak anywhere. But when I do, I cook it or order the sucker medium rare by God!

“Just walk the cow through a warm room,” as a friend of mine would say.

There are dozens of us!

My view is that everything between rare to medium is a fair personal choice, medium-well is “I’m craving any kind of beef meat at a dodgy diner” and well-done is “maybe you should order the chicken”.

I have relatives who order well-done steak and while I’m happy cooking cheaper cuts for them, hand to heart I will never take them to a steakhouse.

Agreed! I mean, you can’t spell “pundit” without pun!

Danny Trejo is 80! Still kicking! Apparently he got in a brawl with a dude throwing water balloons at his buddy’s car last weekend during a parade.

That’s wurst ad I’ve seen lately.

I love how all the packages below the ad are brats. Uh… andouille think that’s American folks?

Meh, are we gatekeeping food just because it comes from European immigrants? Should Italy hang a US flag above the tomatoes in their markets and call ragu USA Sauce? If you eat it at a BBQ on the 4th of July, it’s American, by god.

To be frank, it’s just like Americans to link up and have a wiener waving contest. Regardless, sausages at a BBQ on the 4th are a banger of a good time.

We see what you did there…