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I’ll bet @BrianRubin could fly that.


Funny story. I got to see the Endeavour at the California Science Center (I never got to see it’s trip from LAX, which you can see here and here, though I did get to see it flyover and land at LAX), and when I finally got to see it, I was frozen like this for a good few minutes:

I was done. Seriously. It was the first actual spaceship I’d ever seen in person. It was just as amazing up close.

I should go visit it again.


Do you know I never realized before just now that we spelled the shuttle’s name Endeavour. How utterly charming.



Oh yeah, gotta get that shit right.


All shuttles are named after famous exploration vessels.




Loki would just destroy it anyway.


Man, that is an amazing time-lapse video!


Yeah, I love it, sort of regret not going to the event.


The right way.





Unlike Crocodile tears, which are from actual crocs!


An exchange between my daughter and I that I thought was pretty fun. I’m on the right, she’s on the left.


I got a good laugh out of that. Those eyes.