Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)




All this makes me think of is this:

Actually, it makes me think of the Steve Martin performance where he handles a heckler by saying this. But I cannot find a clip of that.

Oops. That’s not an un-Gif image! Hold on…




I like to reply to my daughter’s messages with images only. This one I’m particularly proud of.


I don’t know what part of a person’s body this is.


It’s a lower back per sources. That’s been going around a while. So, we get fun stuff like this:



Wrong thread, Rich! :P


Oops. Anyone else feel weird?


I figured it was just a un-GIF dressed up for Halloween.




Came out so much creepier than I imagined…

It’s perfect.


Sometimes you really need a hyphen.

Students get first-hand job experience.
Students get first hand-job experience.

Just make sure you know how to use that thing.


Dammit, they edited it.


“Eager students”!


What does that image have to do with eager students?


I couldn’t figure this out at first either, but then looking again, I think @TranquilityBase was just pointing out that the students receiving their first hand jobs (lol) were “eager students” according to the first line in the article.

I still, however, don’t understand what the news picture of the 8 dead and 13 hurt in a terror attack is about though.


Check the background. Specifically, the fact that the reporters are both standing in front of the same van :)


Isn’t it fairly common for multiple news reporters to be standing in around the same area and reporting on a big event? In the movies at least, always just outside the police lines?


IIRC CNN did this before. Two reporters right next to each other in the same parking lot. Talking to each other like they were in two completely different locations.