Show us your un-GIF images and image macros (that are interesting)


The InstantPot is the best pressure cooker you can get.


I don’t really “get” what you saw?


… that perhaps this product was only available in Colorado, Washington, and California ;-)


And Alaska too.


Doh! You’re right


Oh, ok. I’m not into pot so when I see the word pot I think the cooking implement first and it didn’t occur to me. :)


I was thinking the same too, thanks for asking :-)



Ok, I’ve seen that image a few times now, and I don’t really get it. I assume its something to do with Hawaiian Pizza?


Yeah. You missed out on the huge pop-cultural debate on whether pineapple is something that can be put onto a pizza or not. It’s a thing.


Quite good with jalapenos and mushrooms.

Not an image macro, but we don’t have an Awww cute thread so this will do:




That’s brilliant.

I’ve got a Babe t-shirt from 1995 that I still wear for bed. A little pig goes a long way. My auntie used to work at the cinema and got it as a release freebie which she passed on to me. It’s too funny to throw away now. I remember crawling out of bed hungover at uni, slipping on my beige corduroys and walking down to the shop in it. Must have been a great look.









Dinner and a spa treatment. What’s not to like?