Showcase Superman Vol 1

I can’t remember if this was brought up on the old boards or not, but if not: Run don’t walk to your local comics shop for this.

Why? Because it’s 500 pages of black & white Silver Age weirdness. See Superman transform his face into Alfred E. Newman! Gape as Supe falls in love with a mermaid! Amaze at the Freudian implications when Superman creates a smaller, more lovable Superman from his palm! The mind reels. They aren’t plots so much as stream-of-consciousness dream therapy sessions.

DC’s planning on releasing a bunch of the Showcase editions, which are similar to what Marvel’s been doing with their Essentials line for a while now. Currently, DC’s released big meaty tomes featuring some classics (Green Lantern, Justice League Of America), cult faves (Jonah Hex) and some almost completely forgotten gems (Metamorpho). Coming soon are a Teen Titans and a House Of Mystery collection, filled with yummy Bernie Wrightson / Neal Adams art.

Oh, and the best reason to buy this: It’s $9.99 US.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I was hoping DC would eventually start doing something like this, because the color hardback collections are crazy priced.