SHOWDOWN: Rock Band vs Guitar Hero III

Yea. I’m not sure what’s with the GH hate. It’s as if it’s against Internet Law to like more than one game per genre.

You know, I prefer the Strat for what it’s worth. It’s exactly what I wanted for this kind of game.

I disliked most of the songs on GH3, but now I can’t go back to GH2 because it is so slooooow. So, fail.

Also, I play both on the PS2. No next gen in this house, no siree.

Let’s see how you like it when it breaks! Rock Band guitars are the new Xbox 360.

Well, after playing more, I wish I could double-vote (it’s my own poll, I can do what I want too!) for Rock Band.

Everything is better about it, save for the Fender – which I’m still ambivalent about. The song list is way better. I know it’s not as hard as GH3 on the guitar parts, but that’s fine with me, because I’m not a sluggo-type, I can barely expert Tier 1 songs.

RB all the way, I’m not even sure if I can be bothered to download the free Halo song for GH3 at this point.

The hive-mind here doesn’t like you choosing what you like, nor does it approve of liking too many similar things.

Both games have a place.

Just because Rock Band has a guitar doesn’t mean it replaces what Guitar Hero gives. People need to give up the RB hype a little.

I just happen to think GH3 isn’t that good. There aren’t many songs I like playing over and over again. It’s yet to be determined if Rock Band’s guitar campaign has staying power either. But I can say of the songs that are in both games, I prefer the RB version in all cases. For example, Paranoid on GH3 is just dull to play, but I like playing it in RB. Mississippi Queen’s audio even sounds better in RB.

Haven’t played any of those guitar games.

I tried playing Guitar Hero 3 at a friend’s house after I got Rock Band. Jesus, that game looks terrible now. The lead singer makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork. Also it doesn’t really seem nearly as interesting. I don’t know why but the note charts just didn’t seem as fun to play as the ones in GH2 or Rock Band. I still like GH2, I just don’t like GH3 much. :(

GH3 isn’t bad, it’s just a bit more of the same compared to the innovation in Rock Band.

Well, that, and 1) the massive cockup that is Boss Battles 2) the absurdly long star power sequences which kinda defeat the purpose of star power.

A few bad game design decisions + not enough innovation. It’s still GOOD, though. Just not great.

Guitar Hero 3 is a cartoon, with stereotypes and bright colors everywhere.
Rock Band is a fantasy, with magazine covers, and whatever damn colors and names you want.

The tracks in RB are laid out better, the animation completely kicks GH3’s ass. I fired up GH3 and man, ugh. Then I played the Halo 3 DLC, and the hammer-on note… 5 seconds after the last note ended just reinforced my idea that Neversoft’s musical acumen is a faint shadow overwhelmed by the Tower of Awesomeness that is Harmonix’s understanding of the genre.

I guess that’s a good parallel, since it still remains a better product for me regardless of the reliability issues that other people are having.

Mainly, there was a time not so long ago that I was a lot more interested in the next GH than I was in RB. GH2 was the sort of sequel that made that kind of thing happen, and I was pretty sure that a game focused on the guitar was still going to be more interesting to me, especially with the awe inspiring promised songs. Even Flow alone should have sealed the deal, let alone Welcome to the Jungle and Rock You Like A Hurricane (ironically, only the last one-a cover-felt like it delivered to me).

Then I actually played the game, and whether it was the scoreheroness or just the general lack of improvement that should have occurred automatically with so many great original tracks, my preorder for Rock Band was a done deal in no time. I like the Les Paul guitar, I played the game through to Raining Blood on hard, and yet I had no compunction to pick it up ever again. You can call it a jaded internet backlash if you wish, but I think there’s more to it. A lot of people for whom Guitar Hero previously could do little wrong simply changed direction as a result of the actual product, not some hype allergy.

I primarily prefer Rock Band over GH3 because GH has slid slowly but surely into only partially listenable guitar porn, but Rock Band has a wide variety of interesting songs that are far more interesting to play. You’ll never find songs like Maps or Won’t Get Fooled Again in Guitar Hero, and the series is poorer for it.

Also, and I can’t emphasize this enough, holy shit is Harmonix better at designing song tracksheets than Neversoft. Just play both songs’ versions of Mississippi Queen or When You Were Young for a demonstration. Neversoft’s versions are all the hell over the place, just trying to make it hard to play, which Harmonix’s tries to mimic playing the actual notes of the song in a fairly logical manner. I don’t need Neversoft’s ridiculous “for the savants” style Tony Hawk design infecting my music games, thanks. I’ll stick with Harmonix.