Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues


Arrows are pretty cheap to make, if you don’t mind chopping trees and mining ore when you see it!


I will keep saving the arrows that I loot. I have a couple thousand in my bank :).

On the communication; friends lists and a Discord channel are a good idea, I believe. I don’t feel the need of a big guild myself as I have a place to craft and hang out in a guildmate’s player owned town. I don’t have a room/chest of my own yet, but I have had a couple people offer me one if I end up wanting one.

I have a bit of a stockpile of copper and iron if people need some +2 masterwork copper armor or iron weapons. Let me know :). Can try to make certain magic attuned jewelry with +2 enchants also, if I have the corresponding gem.


Is it a bad idea, since we can only have one character, that I’m leveling up sword and board, archery and fire magic at the same time? Should I just focus on one, maybe two skills?


Nope, experimenting away is exactly what you should be doing. You’ll want to start narrowing down eventually, but that’s not a bridge you need to cross yet.

If you start to worry about it, just hit K and keep an eye on your Adventurer EXP pool. You get 10,000 every day from logging in (I think it resets at midnight GMT but I’m not 100% sure, sometimes it seems to be ~23 hours from when I logged on last) and you get EXP from killing monsters and quests. Raising skills at a low level is very cheap EXP wise, so you’re likely earning more from killing that wolf than you expended in raising your Fire Arrow spell from 13->14. And if you’re raising Fire Arrow, it means your high level archery skill isn’t sucking EXP out of your pool.

The real drains on your EXP pool are the “Innate” skills. Stuff like Train Strength/Int/Dex and the other passives. You’ll want to start setting some of those to maintain and focus on just raising one at a time once you start noticing your EXP pool being sucked dry.


Great. Thanks.


Sure thing! To give some idea, I’ve at one time been a swordsman, a dual wielder, a heavy-armored polearm user, an archer, and finally settled in on being a Fire/Air/Life mage. I still have all those melee and heavy armor skills even though I don’t use them anymore, they’re just set to not increase in case I switch back to them in the future.

And speaking of switching, the game is built with that in mind via the Deck system. I had a Heavy Armor + Polearm melee deck and my Fire Mage Cloth Armor deck. Your set of equipment saves to the deck along with your hotbar/abilities, and you can swap decks on the fly. So I’d open up with some range bombardment then hit X to get my chainmail on and start flailing around with my polearm.


That last part is what I was wondering about. Cool.


I did not have an issue with too many skills versus too little XP until I was over adventure level 40, with many skills in the 50s. To see your adventure level open the C-haracter paper doll and hover over your name.

I ended up locking skills once they hit 60. I focus on a few skills in their 50s. I have almost all of the blunt, shield, heavy armor and tactics skills along with a smattering of earth, life and air. Once I have my full “set” of skills at 60 I will unlock them one by one to train up to 70, then 80 etc.

At this stage when 5 or 6 skills level from 57 to 58 then they will consume 20k+ XP (since some are 1x or 2x or even 10x). If I am killing yellow mobs which only give a few hundred XP then I will consume 30-40k XP in an hour easily.

Here are the XP values per skill level:

The ends of the three virtue quests give 100,000 XP upon completion. Finishing one helped to fill my pool up quite a bit. :-)


It seems to be hard to find alchemy tables. I know there’s one in Owl’s Head but that’s a bit of a trip for me. I can’t seem to find a simple list of towns with tables. Other crafting tables seem to be everywhere though.


I hear you. It took me forever to find a damn table to butcher me on. Even knowing there was one in Owl’s Head, I still had to hunt around for it. Turns out it was upstairs… above the bank. So obvious in hindsight! Sigh.

I haven’t done much with alchemy, so can’t think of where I have and haven’t seen the tables offhand.


Thanks. In case anyone doesn’t know, get Night Vision as soon as you can. What a difference!


Nightvision is ugly mode, use the light spell. ;-)

Alchemy tables are in the dedicated alchemy shops. There should be one in each of the 12 virtue cities, for example Resolute and Airie.

What is a virtue city? Find a shrine (a small ivory pool with a light shining on it) and talk to the keeper. And then jump in the pool and look at your status bar. :-)

Most large player towns will also have alchemist tables and / or buildings.


The light spell is too small a radius. At night Night Vision allows you to see everything. When I’m surrounded by elves it makes a difference.

I’ll have to check Resolute again, thanks.

Edit: And there it was, just down the path and to the right in Resolute. Thanks again. Now I can make some Focus potions.


Double post ahoy!

So it seems that I’m sticking to fire/bludgeon. Staff has decent damage. Working up fire arrow to 40 for fireball. Also looking to use vanish enough to get to moving while invisible but that’s going to take a long time.

We really need to be able to remove quests. I finished the uberfrostgeist quest and went to sell Esmeralda some more elf tea, accidentally clicked the wrong button, and now the middle of the quest is in my list again. I know that a town crier can delete the whole quest list, right? But I have some outstanding ones that I want to keep.

I actually killed my XP pool at lev 21. I was at a practice dummy spamming attacks for a while and bam, low XP message.

Liking this game enough that I’ve let Subnautica go fallow.

I, in fact, really like the Ultima feel. It’s not pure Ultima. But enough is there that I get it.


Patch notes from R51 in QA are up:

It’s not live for another week.

They appear to be making steady progress.


Nice update, looking forward to it releasing.


Can anyone clarify something? I can buy a whistle necklace that summons a tame horse. Do I need taming to use it? Or can I just summon a mount? In fact, can they even be used as a mount?


There aren’t any mounts in the game. There was a stretch goal for them but it wasn’t reached.


Okay. Glad I didn’t buy it then. Thanks. Just curious. Why would I buy a whistle that called a horse?


I would seriously like the devs to stop NPCs from walking away from you while you’re in the middle of a transaction.