Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues


It seems to be hard to find alchemy tables. I know there’s one in Owl’s Head but that’s a bit of a trip for me. I can’t seem to find a simple list of towns with tables. Other crafting tables seem to be everywhere though.


I hear you. It took me forever to find a damn table to butcher me on. Even knowing there was one in Owl’s Head, I still had to hunt around for it. Turns out it was upstairs… above the bank. So obvious in hindsight! Sigh.

I haven’t done much with alchemy, so can’t think of where I have and haven’t seen the tables offhand.


Thanks. In case anyone doesn’t know, get Night Vision as soon as you can. What a difference!


Nightvision is ugly mode, use the light spell. ;-)

Alchemy tables are in the dedicated alchemy shops. There should be one in each of the 12 virtue cities, for example Resolute and Airie.

What is a virtue city? Find a shrine (a small ivory pool with a light shining on it) and talk to the keeper. And then jump in the pool and look at your status bar. :-)

Most large player towns will also have alchemist tables and / or buildings.


The light spell is too small a radius. At night Night Vision allows you to see everything. When I’m surrounded by elves it makes a difference.

I’ll have to check Resolute again, thanks.

Edit: And there it was, just down the path and to the right in Resolute. Thanks again. Now I can make some Focus potions.


Double post ahoy!

So it seems that I’m sticking to fire/bludgeon. Staff has decent damage. Working up fire arrow to 40 for fireball. Also looking to use vanish enough to get to moving while invisible but that’s going to take a long time.

We really need to be able to remove quests. I finished the uberfrostgeist quest and went to sell Esmeralda some more elf tea, accidentally clicked the wrong button, and now the middle of the quest is in my list again. I know that a town crier can delete the whole quest list, right? But I have some outstanding ones that I want to keep.

I actually killed my XP pool at lev 21. I was at a practice dummy spamming attacks for a while and bam, low XP message.

Liking this game enough that I’ve let Subnautica go fallow.

I, in fact, really like the Ultima feel. It’s not pure Ultima. But enough is there that I get it.


Patch notes from R51 in QA are up:

It’s not live for another week.

They appear to be making steady progress.


Nice update, looking forward to it releasing.


Can anyone clarify something? I can buy a whistle necklace that summons a tame horse. Do I need taming to use it? Or can I just summon a mount? In fact, can they even be used as a mount?


There aren’t any mounts in the game. There was a stretch goal for them but it wasn’t reached.


Okay. Glad I didn’t buy it then. Thanks. Just curious. Why would I buy a whistle that called a horse?


I would seriously like the devs to stop NPCs from walking away from you while you’re in the middle of a transaction.


Release 51 is live:

Patch notes:

Updated main player guide:
Search for [New]

So far I can see a noticeable FPS improvement inside of cities. I like the change to only one attribute self-buff at a time. I can see my new specialization skill, but I am a long way from being level 80 in the pre-req passive skill to try it. :-)

They continue to make measurable improvement in each patch.


Guys, I just read and digested this thread after a friend forwarded it to me. Thanks for all the kind words and constructive feedback! Good to see experienced players appreciating some of the design decisions and depth of systems.

@milspec, hoping to get some final big optimizations for our launch release next month! Also, remember that even though we “Launch” next month, that just means we’re going to start spending marketing money to bring in players. We will still be improving performance, adding and tuning systems, and adding tons of new content each and every month.

Look forward to seeing you guys in game and keep the constructive feedback coming! Also, feel free to post any brain dumps on stuff you really wish were different. I’m the tech director on the project and also the designer on many systems, including combat. I do my best to listen to constructive feedback and act on it when appropriate.

Chris “Atos” Spears


Chris! Welcome to the forum. I’ve enjoyed reading what you’re up to on your daily work blog.

So, I’m really enjoying the combat mechanically. The deck system is really quite cool once you start getting into it. My only real criticism in that area is that you guys hide the coolness behind finding a trainer in the first major city! Hell, you even hid the fact that I had multiple extra abilities at the start. I thought I just had that Sun attack spell, heal, and light for the longest time. :)

But here’s what makes me head explode. Why oh why does my character walk 352 degrees around a cotton bush to find the perfect pixel to pick the cotton! Am I supposed to be roleplaying a fantasy NASCAR driver that can only turn left?

Seriously, though, just wondering why it does that instead of just “Am I within n units of the harvest node? Then harvest”. I don’t really care if the animation is slightly off kilter, I just don’t want to watch him slooooooooowly walk around the harvest node to find the perfect spot every time!

P.S. The mastery/specialization system sounds really interesting. As a newer player it’s a long ways off for me, but I really dig the concept.



Haha, the Switch? Recommended specs ask for a GTX 1080, so they would have a ways to go!


Release 52 instructions:

Launch is the week before Easter.


Launch trailer from a few days ago.


So it appears no one cares about this game. Lol. It uh… launched.

The Steam reviews are bad. Really bad. Not in content, because they are very well written and informative. They nail all of the issues with the game, and accurately predict its future. It’s just so sad to see it.

Thanks to Far Cry 5 and a host of other games I’m currently playing, I haven’t bothered to jump in myself. I’ve played a few times before launch, and I don’t think there’s anything new or different. It’s not like they wiped everyone and started over. In fact I would be more inclined to start playing now if they had.

Well, I gotta believe this is the last we’ll hear from Garriott. After Tabula Rasa, and now this, I’m guessing game development is not his future.

Anyone in Qt3 playing? How’s the community?